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Physical Education

Head of PE - Mr M Henderson Email

Curriculum Ambition

At Poynton High School, our aim is to promote a love of physical activity and sport through engaging, challenging and exciting activities. We aim to provide all students with the opportunities to support them living a healthy and active lifestyle in the future and lifelong. The curriculum we offer is broad, balanced and all-encompassing to offer students a range of activities to experience as well and perform in chosen sports. Students are encouraged to increase their confidence through develop leadership and key life skills within the PE curriculum. Through high quality teaching and learning, our intent is that the Physical Education curriculum will allow students to:

  • Be fully inclusive in all lessons
  • Develop a love of physical activity and learning
  • Be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Lead healthy, active lifestyles
  • Appreciate the importance Physical Education can have in everyday life
  • Take part in a range of different activities which include Invasion games, Striking & Fielding, Net / Wall games, Gymnastics, Dance and Fitness
  • Articulate and demonstrate their own abilities and consider what they need to do next in order to improve.
  • To make progress in Physical Education, through the physical skills, thinking skills and motivation / resilience.
  • Gain an understanding for Physical Education based careers and how they could contribute to other educational / vocational pathways.
  • Understand how Physical Education links with other subjects such as Science, Food & Nutrition, Maths and English


 The Physical Education Team

Head of PE

Mr M Henderson

Coordinator of Core and Vocational Physical Education 

Mr K Shaw

Coordinator of GCSE and A level Physical Education

Miss C Wilson

Teachers of Physical Education

Mrs A Kennedy

Mr K Shaw

Mr K Shaw

Mr C Megarrell

 Miss J Hancock

The Physical Education curriculum is broad and balanced to allow students to develop the knowledge and skills to be physically active and healthy. The curriculum allows for students to develop their full potential and promote a love for physical activity. In addition, students are actively encourage to develop other skills such as leadership and resilience whilst also evaluating their own and others performance. All students are actively encouraged to attend the extensive extra-curricular provision.

Key Stage 3 – CORE PE (Years 7-9)

At Key Stage 3, students build on the work they have done at primary school. They will learn basic and advanced skills, techniques and tactics and rules and regulations in a range of sports/activities.  They also learn compositional ideas for dance. Students will identify strengths and weakness of their own and others work and will be given opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Lessons are taught by subject specialists enabling students to benefit from the expert knowledge of staff. Students are actively encouraged to attend extra-curricular clubs at lunch time and after school.


Activities covered


Rugby, Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Dance, Fitness, Tennis, Athletics, Cricket, Softball, Rounders


Rugby, Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Dance, Fitness, Tennis, Athletics, Cricket, Softball, Rounders, Trampolining, Handball


Rugby, Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Dance, Fitness, Tennis, Athletics, Cricket, Softball, Rounders, Trampolining, Handball

Key Stage 4 - CORE PE (Years 10-11)

At Key Stage 4, all students continue to develop their skills and understanding of Physical Education. Students follow a curriculum map with activities already studied at Key Stage 3, as well as opportunities to try out new activities such as Zumba, Yoga, and fitness training in the multi-gym. Students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills as well as support and guidance with living a healthy, active lifestyle. Students are encouraged to attend the extra-curricular provision in school.

Activities areas covered: Invasion games, Alternative activities, Fitness, Net/Wall games.




At Key Stage 4 Examination PE, the curriculum also promotes the academic side of the subject and closely links both the practical and theoretical concepts. The courses that students can select to study at Key Stage 4 are GCSE PE and Cambridge National Sport Studies and are both from the exam board OCR.  These courses are options and are studied in addition to the Core PE that all students take.


Teacher in Charge - Miss C Wilson

This course is studied across Years 10 and 11. This course is 60% theory with 2 exams at the end of Year 11 and 40% practical which is made up of performance in 3 sports and a piece of controlled assessment.

Topics include: Applied anatomy and physiology, physical training, socio-cultural influences, sports psychology and health, fitness and wellbeing.

More information from OCR can be found

Cambridge National Sport Studies

Teacher in Charge - Mr K Shaw

This course is studied across Years 10 and 11. This course is split into 4 units, each making up 25% of the course. One unit is a written exam, one unit is developing practical skills and the final two units are assignment based.

Topics include: Contemporary issues in sport, Developing sports skills, Sports Leadership and Sport and the media.

More information from OCR can be found


Key Stage 5

The courses that we offer are:

  • A level PE (OCR )
  • BTEC Sport (Pearson )

A level PE – Teacher in Charge - Miss C Wilson

In the A level PE course the PE department are committed to helping students acquire a deeper understanding of the subject in addition to analysing performance in a selected sport. The A level PE course also provides the opportunity for students to attend trips such as the Ashbourne Mob Football to experience the History of Sport theory covered in class. The combination of physical performance and academic challenge provides students with opportunities to develop a wide range of knowledge of physical activity and sport.

Course Description:

  1. Component 01: Physical factors affecting performance (Paper 1, 30% of grade)
    1. Applied anatomy and physiology
    2. Exercise physiology
    3. Biomechanics
  2. Component 02: Psychological factors affecting performance (Paper 2, 20% of grade)
    1. Skill acquisition
    2. Sports psychology
  3. Component 03: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport (Paper 3, 20% of grade)
    1. Sport and society
    2. Contemporary issues in physical activity and sport
  4. Component 04: Performance in Physical Education (Practical/Verbal analysis, 30% of grade)
    1. Assessed as a coach or performer in one sport
    2. Assessed in the Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement

More information from OCR can be found

BTEC Sport – Teacher in Charge - Mr K Shaw

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport is equivalent in size to one A level. This is a vocational course and is designed to give students a a broad understanding of the sports industry and the skills and knowledge required for a career in the sports industry or a related industry.

Course Description:

  1. Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology (Externally Assessed through an exam)
  2. Unit 2: Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-being (Externally assessed through a case study exam)
  3. Unit 3: Professional Development in the Sports Industry (Assignment based)
  4. Unit 4 (school will select from the units below):
    1. Sports Leadership
    2. Application of Fitness Testing
    3. Sports Psychology
    4. Practical Sports Performance

More information from Pearson can be found


Extra Curricular
We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs at school both at lunchtime and after school and we strive to ensure that these are fully inclusive to all students and cater for all abilities. We have fostered strong links with many external clubs where a number of our students regularly train and compete. Any student that is interested in pursuing a sporting activity outside of school should speak with a member of the team.

In winter we play regular fixtures in football, rugby and netball. There are often other competitions in sports such as basketball and badminton. In summer we have teams in cricket, tennis, rounders, orienteering, lacrosse and athletics. In addition, we work in collaboration with external specialist coaches to provide access for our students to activities outside those taught on the curriculum. A large number of students represent the school in inter-school fixtures and a number have been successful at District and County level.


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