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Healthy Living

It is important we educate and equip our young people to make healthy choices about their lifestyles. We do this in a variety of ways through the curriculum and via support mechanism in the Welfare system within school.

Overview of the Curriculum

Food and Nutrition


The Eat well plate – guide to the proportions of different food groups that should be eaten in order to maintain a balanced, healthy diet.

Nutrients and their functions in the body

Modifying recipes for good health


Revision of the Eat well plate.

Food diary and analysis of how your own diet fits into the Eat well plate.

8 tips for healthy eating

The importance of eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Revision of Nutrients and their functions in the body

Modifying recipes for health


Revision of nutrition and their functions in the body.

The Traffic Light Labelling System – guidance for making sensible food choices.

Student Development Days

Year 7

‘Looking after me’ dental hygiene / impact of sugar/ food choices.

Year 9

‘Healthy living’ Sainsbury's talk, benefits of exercise activities.


Year 8

The 7 components of a balanced human diet

Calculating the energy requirements for a healthy diet

The consequences of healthy an unbalanced diet.


In all Year groups there is a theme of making Healthy lifestyle choices. The groupings of students for PE makes participation rates extremely high.

Year 10 GCSE

Cover the 7 components of a healthy diet and what they are used for by the body and then later in the course we look at energy balance.

What you consume versus what you burn off, which then links into over and under eating

How healthy eating can affect performance and participation. 

Welfare System

Student can be referred to our Teenage and Family Worker for individual sessions on topics such as:

  • Body Image

  • General nutrition

  • Lifestyle Choices

  • Healthy Eating

The school restaurant also offers a range of healthy choices in their menu.

Click here to view our Healthy Eating Policy