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Examination Information



The government launched a consultation on 15 January 2021 to determine how grades will be awarded in 2021.  There will be no written exams this year.  

Information about the consultation and the government proposals can be found below.

Publication of GCSE and A level exam results by the local press

To protect student privacy we do not send results by name to the local press. 

GCSE and A level results collection

Please note results cannot be given out over the phone or by email, and can only be collected by the student or a person authorised by them. Therefore if your son/daughter is unable to collect their own results an alternative person can be nominated by them. This must be by prior arrangement before results day. 

There are two ways to do this:

  • A letter of authorisation to the school signed by the student concerned for the attention of Mrs Bibby clearly stating who can collect their results
  • Via email with Exam Results as the subject sent to Mrs Bibby at from the student’s own email address and clearly stating who can collect their results.

Please note that we are unable to accept emails or letters from parents and we cannot give out results on the day to anyone other than the student unless a letter or email (from the student) has been received into school prior to Results Day.



Well done to all the students who worked so hard to achieve these results.   We still have some 2018 and 2019 certificates that students should pick up from reception when school reopens. 

GCSE certificates 2019

These were presented in a presentation evening on 4 March 2020.  To collect the remaining certificates students in Year 12 should collect from Mrs Bibby.  Students who have now left the school can collect from reception when school reopens (see below).

A level certificates 2019

Students should collect certificates from school reception during office hours when school reopens. 

Please note: it must be the student who collects the certificate and they must sign to say they have been collected.

If a student would like another person to collect their certificates on their behalf, the person collecting must have authorisation from the student in the form of a letter or a printed email.  The school will retain the letter or email as proof of collection.

 It is important to keep examination certificates safe as they will be required by employers in future years.  It is no longer possible to get replacement certificates from the examination boards.


Summer Results Days 2021: 

The consultation launched on 15 January 2021 suggests that results should be issued earlier than the dates below but this has not yet been confirmed.

A Level Results Day  Tuesday 24 August at 8 am in the Sixth Form Centre.

GCSE Results Day Friday 27 August at 9 am in the Sixth Form Centre.