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Music Challenges

The PHS Music Department have created some challenges for you to help you develop your listening, composition and performance skills using a variety of websites and resources. We really hope you enjoy some of the interactive instruments and games below and we very much look forward to encouraging your love of music, in class and in instrument lessons, and getting you involved in the amazing extra curricular opportunities we have at PHS.

Mr Rawling (Music Teacher & Year 7 Assistant Year Leader)

Music Challenge 1 - Listening

Instruments of the Orchestra

Here is a wonderful youth orchestra performing ‘Mambo’ from West Side Story.  Look at the different instruments being played...

Have you had a go at any of them? 

Would you like to learn to play one and if so which one?


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To help you identify the instruments by name and sound have a go at the following online Musical Bingo game.  It might even introduce you to some instruments you didn’t know about. 

Start with the Beginner level and work your way up to the Advanced level.

Click on the picture to be taken to the Musical Bingo Game


Music Challenge 2 - Composition

Task A: Song Maker

Every piece of music has to be composed before it can be performed and then listened to and appreciated.

Try creating your own piece of music using the following website...try to resist the temptation to draw your name but if you must (I don’t blame you) see if you can make it sound musical. Please click on the image below to be taken to the Song Maker:

Task B: Rhythm

This time use the Rhythm app in the website below to have a go at creating your own percussion rhythm.  If you have any instruments that can make percussive sounds try to create it in real life. 

Task C: Body Percussion

You can always use yourselves to create the percussive sounds like in this video demonstrating body percussion.


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Music Challenge 3 - Performance

Using the virtual instruments below, or the real thing if you are fortunate enough to have an instrument at home, have a go at playing some of the following pieces of music, shown in the music workbook.  They are based on skill level and get harder as you work through. 

At the bottom of this challenge you will find links to me playing each of the pieces (with a normal computer "qwerty" keyboard and the shared piano app) so that you can hear what it should sound like.

Music Workbook - click image to download

Shared Interactive Piano - click image

For further information on how to use the piano, download the piano instructions by clicking here

PlayXylo Interactive Xylophone - click image

Music Examples to Follow - Under Construction


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