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Head of Department - Mrs K Spinola

Curriculum Ambition

The Art, Craft & Design Department at Poynton High School is committed to ensuring that all students will be able to have full inclusive access to a rich and stimulating curriculum delivered by enthusiastic, well-qualified and passionate staff. All students study Art, Craft & Design until the end of year 9 and then are able to pursue the subject further into Yr10 and up to Yr13. The department will provide a vibrant and stimulating environment where individuals feel supported, whilst also being encouraged to succeed to the best of their ability. The Art, Craft & Design Department will deliver structured learning experiences which will provide a framework for progressive learning and assessment.

Matching the requirements of all key stages, students are taught to use a range of techniques and media, including drawing and painting. Schemes of learning will enable students to become skilled and accomplished in a wide variety of media and techniques through a progressive framework of study. As students progress throughout key stage three they will be able to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of Art and the world around them, at key stage four students are encouraged to think as an artist and be creative, experimental and ambitious with their sustained units of work.  

Through high quality teaching and learning the Art Craft & Design department’s intent is that the curriculum will allow students to:

  • Become visually literate, to use and understand art as a form of visual and tactile communication and to appreciate the work of Artists, Craft persons and Designers.
  • Experience a subject that is pleasurable, creative and imaginative to study.
  • Develop the capacity for imaginative and original thought and experimentation and to communicate ideas, opinions and feelings about their own work and that of others.
  • Grow their understanding of the world through skills-based tasks and discussions on the impact of cultural events.
  • Develop the capacity to observe and understand the world through investigating and becoming confident risk takers.
  • Understand the links between Art, Craft & Design and other subjects.
  • Develop the creative and technical skills so that ideas can be achieved and artefacts produced.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

At Key Stage 3 students receive two hours of lessons every timetable cycle. Students follow a wide range of activities which allow them to experience many Art, Craft & Design areas. They will experience a range of processes and techniques within each topic. During each project, a relevant artist or group of artists are studied to extend and inspire students' own work.

At Key Stage 3, we have an Art club at lunchtimes, a Year 9 Photography club and there are opportunities for students to work in the studios most lunchtimes on their projects.


Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

The department's programme of study for Art & Design at GCSE level is thematically led and it delivers the AQA Art & Design specification. Students who opt to study Art will be taught by one of the experienced specialist staff who will lead them through the course. Students will have the opportunity to investigate a range of techniques, media, processes and materials where they will learn about a number of different artists and cultures. The results are excellent and we strive to maximise the creative potential of every student. The department provide lunchtime and after school sessions for students to work in the studios.

As an alternative to the Art GCSE students can opt for Photography GCSE (AQA).


Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

At Advanced Level, the Art department delivers the Eduqas specification in Fine Art. This gives students the opportunity in Year 12 to investigate a wide range of techniques and processes, and they will also learn more about a wide range of artists and cultures. Students will be taught by a team of two staff who will monitor progress regularly and set targets for improvement.

In Year 13, students will produce two units of work. The first, a ‘Personal Investigation’, is a brief initiated by the student where they produce a portfolio of work through an in depth investigation of their chosen topic. The second unit is an ‘Externally Set Assignment’ where students have a set time limit in which to produce a personal response to the starting points provided by Eduqas. 

Many of our students choose to study the Visual Arts at Higher Education establishments.


The Art Department
Head of Department Mrs K Spinola
Teachers of Art Miss C Whitmore
Mr S George

Poynton High School & Performing Arts College

Yew Tree Lane, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1PU

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