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“…simply outstanding!”

Once again, Poynton High School students break all records and achieve outstanding results which will no doubt keep them in the top 10% of all schools in the country – an award they have achieved for two years running.

Head Teacher, Mr David Waugh, said “I know I must say it every year but I am just simply in awe of everything our young people have achieved and the great positive impact our staff have had.  I am genuinely moved and in awe of just how well our students have done and they are quite simply once again the best results we have ever had.  Their results are so very well deserved and are a great reward for their unwavering dedication to their studies and their participation in school life.  We ask our students to “jump in with both feet” into every aspect of school life and this year group has certainly done that, surpassing all previously set records with 83% getting both their English and Maths grades at 4 or above and virtually every subject area achieving above the 80% benchmark.  I am truly humbled to see how well each and every one of them has achieved in their GCSE exams”.

Poynton High School Class of 2019 have achieved outstanding results in their GCSE examinations with 80% of all students gaining the key benchmark of 5 Grade 4+ including English and maths.  With results such as 90% of all students gaining their Grade 4 or above in English, 85% in Mathematics, 85% in Science, 85% in History, 83% in Geography, 86% in Drama and 90% in Art the results are simply amazing.  Alongside this, with 75% in English and 65% in Mathematics gaining the new “strong pass” grade and over half of all Physics GCSE grades at 7 or above, our students and staff are celebrating the great depth of their achievement. 

The battle for “top spot” was keenly fought with Samuel Squires achieving top grades across the board with 10 Grade 9s and an A* in GCSE Further Maths, he quite literally could not have achieved higher grades!  Sam said ‘I never would have believed in a million years that I would get these results.’  Sam was closely followed by Maeve Ewing with 8 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s and then Ben Brace, Anna Cherryman, Megan Harrington and Jasper Chance-Larsen who all achieved a massive 7 grade 9s!  With a third of our students gaining over half of their GCSEs at the top grades of 7 or above – the “old” A/A* equivalent – there is a great deal of celebration in Poynton today.

Today is about every single one of our 230 students and their own individual achievements.  Every student has their own story and their own challenges that they have overcome.  For example, Matthew Parker, who faced some significant health issues throughout his GCSEs, gained 7 qualifications including a distinction in Creative iMedia.  Nick Jackson is celebrating making a phenomenal level of progress with us, Nick achieved 2 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s and 4 Grade 7s.  Nick said ‘I’m not talented, I’m obsessed – Thanks to all of my teachers & support staff at Poynton High’.  Cameron Henderson achieved a staggering 5 Grade 9s stating ‘I’m over the moon with my results!’  Jayden Cope has excelled whilst with us, working exceptionally hard to remove the barriers before him, Jayden has achieved 2 Grade 8s, 5 Grade 7s, 2 Grade 6s and a Distinction in Business.  Our staff, students and their amazing families have worked collaboratively as a learning community, Rachel Waterman who achieved 4 Grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s and 2 Grade 6s said ‘I’m extremely happy with everything I have achieved – all thanks to the incredible people around me.’

Poynton High School traditionally delivers an inclusive academic curriculum and our cohort of students this year have achieved brilliant results in their full range of subjects.  Ranging from 90% Grade 4+ in GCSE Business to 81% Grade 4+ in GCSE RE, 80% Grade 4+ in GCSE Music to 80% Grade 4+ in GCSE French.  With just shy of 90% of all GCSEs at grades 4 or above and one third at grades 7 or above our students have once again proved their great abilities across the entire spectrum and broad range of subjects available to them here at Poynton High School. 

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