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Academy Status

Poynton High School is proud to be a founding member The TRUE Learning Partnership Multi-Academy Trust (TTLP).  The Trust was established on 1 December 2018  with Lostock Hall Primary School and Poynton High School.  Since then the Trust has grown further, with Disley Primary School, Hague Bar Primary School and Glossopdale School joining the Trust in 2020.  This trust is built upon our core aim which is to secure and improve upon the high quality education children in our community receive, aged 2 to 19. 

Academisation for us has not been about funding, money, buildings or business functions; these things will be developed and secured of course, as they always have been.  Academisation has been for us about building a better reality for our young people and our staff.  As an academy we will now have an opportunity to access much bigger networks and much larger “pots” of funding for capital and fabric resources. It will also allow us to be more flexible in our work around the pastoral care of our students and pupils. 

This transfer will not have any measurable impact on day one.  However, we are now in a position to start to build a new more sustainable and secured future for our school, our community and the young people we serve.  Our focus continues to be inspiring and empowering all in our learning community to fulfil their individual potential and ambitions so that all are able to be active and successful citizens in our global society. 

As we move forward under our new status it is hoped that we continue to secure better and more effective resources to support our expert staff in securing the best outcomes for all our young people. 

The Governing Board of Poynton High School believe there will be many practical benefits associated with formal partnership working in this way, for example the possibilities of:

  • Joint Occupational Health contracts with an OH Officer (return to work interviews, stress risk assessments, pregnant worker risk assessments, lone worker risk assessments, etc)
  • Joint Staffing Insurance (absence/supply insurance, maternity leave insurance, shared parental leave insurance, private medical cover, staff access to counselling, staff access to out of hours medical care, staff access to physiotherapy, etc)
  • Joint Human Resources contract with an HR Officer (mediation, staffing legalities, employment law, Pay & Conditions, Pay Policies, Staffing Policies, etc)
  • Joint Grounds Contract with a partnership Grounds Maintenance Officer
  • Joint ICT Technician capacities with partnership ICT Technicians
  • Joint ICT purchasing abilities
  • Joint administration facilities, i.e. Partnership Administration Team (each school with core staff backed up by a central administration team)
  • Joint Health and Safety Officer (CLEAPPS, H&S Risk Assessments, etc)
  • Joint Governance Training Programme in order to increase effectiveness of governance
  • Joint commissioning of support services, e.g. Counsellor, CAMHS, Early Intervention Worker, Learner Mentors, Learner Tutors, Health Worker.
  • Joint Family Support Worker
  • Possible central finance systems, auditing, officers (e.g. School Fund, Charity Accounts, etc)

For further information regarding our academy status please see


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