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April 2019

Year 10 Parent and Carer Bulletin for April 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 10 have been working incredibly hard in their GCSE lessons. As a year group students have started to use registration for focused revision in readiness for their end of year examinations. Inside this bulletin you will find advice on how to build on this work.


The Mathematics department have recently launched their GCSE exam preparation programme with our Y10 students. They have been given access to a revision app called “PiXL Maths App” and have electronic access to all our GCSE practice papers (paper copies are available to purchase from the Mathematics office for £1).

After the Easter holidays, the students will see a GCSE paper under examination conditions for the first time. This will be an open book assessment, meaning they will be allowed to use their book notes to help them.

 To prepare for this we are asking students to complete two tasks over the Easter holidays:

  1. complete one practice paper over the Easter holidays
  2. obtain an engagement score of at least 20 through the PiXL Maths App.

Further details and parental access to the practice papers and mark schemes will be sent in a separate, more detailed correspondence. Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Year 10 have been working incredibly hard this term on ‘Macbeth’, one of their texts for GCSE Literature. We have been really proud of how well the year group have understood this challenging play.

When we return after the Easter break, we will be recapping and revising the skills for GCSE English Language Paper 2, which is based on comparing attitudes and viewpoints in non-fiction texts. This will be assessed in the Year 10 end of year exam, which will be 1 hour and 45 minutes long.

Year 10 will also be returning to their study of ‘An Inspector Calls’, and will need to bring their copy of this text to their English lessons.

Over the Easter holidays, students should complete the descriptive writing task already set on Doddle.

It would also be incredibly beneficial for all students to re-read ‘An Inspector Calls’ over the break and recap the homework they have done on this text through the year.


All year 10 students are being provided with a pack of exam style questions which we are chunking into 6 manageable chunks. Students will be assigned a section on a weekly basis through the next term. For each section students will be expected to complete revision notes or make a mind map and then complete the relevant exam question. These will be given out before Easter for the first section to be completed over the Easter holidays and then continued through the summer term. 

Students can also use BBC Bitesize which has now been updated for the new specification to aid their revision along with their revision guides and subscription.

Religious Studies

Students are approaching the end of their Relationships and Families topic so will need to be revising for their imminent end of unit test on this topic.   All information they need for this can be found in their exercise books.  

In addition, students should be starting to consolidate their learning throughout the course so far in preparation for their Year 10 exam. Students could make revision mind maps or cue cards to aid their future revision.

If parents would like to purchase a revision guide, the most appropriate one for the course we are studying can be found via the link below:

Product Design

The students have worked through a wide range of theory topics this year to prepare them for their examination worth 50% of their final grade. Their mock in June will be a full practise paper. In preparation for this, all year 10 Product Design students will have revision to complete of their Unit 3 – Core Materials section for an end of unit test on return to school.

After this next half term we will gain their 3 contexts for their NEA (non-examined assessment – or course work), where they can choose their favourite. Straight after the half term, most of their timetabled lessons will then be devoted to this which equates to the other 50% of their final grade. This will then be completed by February half term where we will return to exam practise.

Art, Craft & Design

The Yr10 Art, Craft & Design students have been working through their first detailed project on ‘Portraiture’. They have been researching artists who produce work based upon different styles of portraiture and have used self-portraiture in their preparatory work.

The students have now started their final pieces for this project and should be working upon these over the Easter holiday. This project will be completed just after Easter and students should check their Doddle accounts for the submission date.

The Art Department are becoming more confident with the use of Instagram and will be posting examples of student’s work on a more regular basis as the year progresses.

The Art Dept can be found on Instagram at ‘Poynton Art Dept’.


The GCSE Photography students are currently tackling a project on distorted portraits. They have looked at a range of artists who produce distorted portraits in different styles and formats. Students have produced really interesting work on this theme.

The Project Task 3 will be to present the Digital Collages tackled in lessons recently (this is to be completed in school once we have had the delivery of black card after Easter).


There are two tasks for students to complete over the Easter holiday.

Project Task 4-

They are to start to develop final piece ideas based upon the work of Bruno Del Zou. For this students are to take photographs of a person from many different angles and viewpoints to put together into a “Joiner Composition”. (See Task 4 sheet)

Project Task 5- Take Photographs

Students will also be required to experiment with photography and digital techniques to produce a quantity of distorted portraits. (Task 5 sheet).

The Art Department can be found on Instagram at ‘Poynton Art Dept’.


Textile students are beginning to develop their revision folder and accompanying resources in readiness for their end of year examination. Students should revise the topics outlined and may want to take home their blue revision guide to assist them with their revision.

Food Technology

Food revision guides are available to buy on parent pay. Students can collect from the food office.

A final thank you and well done on such a brilliant half term year 10. Have a lovely and restful break and we will look forward to welcoming you all back on Wednesday 24th April.

Please contact us if there are any issues or if you have any questions at all.

Thank you for your continued support.

Rhian Dempsey (                          

Year 10 Director of Learning

Anne Handby (

Welfare Leader (Years 10 and 11)