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Year 13 A Level Bulletin

January 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians/Carers,

Happy New Year!  We hope you have all managed to have a restful holiday and the students are ready for the term ahead! 

This term…

Theory lessons – TOPICS COVERED:

MAH: Applied Anatomy & Physiology/Exercise Physiology

The students have completed the Applied Anatomy & Physiology section of the course and thus half of Paper 1 during Year 12.  The topics cover so far in Exercise Physiology are:

  • Preparation and training methods in relation to improving and maintaining physical activity and performance – including different types of training, periodisation of training & impact of training on lifestyle diseases
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Students will be focusing on revision until the mock examination but will move on to Biomechanics straight afterwards.

CEW: Socio-cultural issues in sport

Students have covered the emergence and evolvement of modern sport, starting in pre-industrial Britain through the industrial revolution and the influence of Public Schools, throughout the 20th century up to the present day.  Before the Christmas break students covered the following:

  • Global sporting events
  • Ethics & deviance in sport (including drugs, violence & gambling)
  • Commercialisation & media

The students are demonstrating an excellent retention of knowledge and are showing an interest in the topics covered.  Students need to be aware though that they must read their extended notes and not just depend on class notes for answering.  They must start to use the information to evaluate & analyse rather than just regurgitating information.  Before the mock examinations the focus will be revision and then we will move on to the EAPI final & proper assessment.  However, they will briefly cover the final elements of paper 3 (routes to sporting excellence in the UK & modern technology in sport) in order to allow them to use the content in the EAPI but this will be re-covered after the EAPI has been completed.

End of unit tests

Students will be assessed via the mock examinations during this term. 


Non-Examined Assessment (NEA)

Practical activities

Students are currently filling in their competition log for the sport they will be assessed in or will complete their talk in.  Video evidence should have been submitted before the Christmas break but unfortunately many still have yet to submit it).  Marks will be submitted during this half term and the evidence needs to be reviewed and moderated.  As it stands some students are currently scoring 0/30 (15%) as we have no evidence!  Students are advised to be practising and competing in their sports as much as possible throughout the course until moderation is complete.


EAPI (Evaluation & Analysis of Performance for Improvement)

We have now completed three practice EAPIs.  Students will complete a feedback session after the mock examinations and will be focusing on it until February half term in CEW’s lessons with the assessment being completed the first week back after the February half term holidays.  Students need to ensure that they are covering all areas in detail to gain higher marks in this element.  Watching games in their chosen activity and picking out strengths and weaknesses (then creating an action plan) is a very useful way of practicing this element – the task also lends itself well to extra revision with them having to cover a lot of theory in the verbal response.



Students have been informed that their home learning will be set on a week by week basis either electronically (email or Doddle) or verbally.  The tasks set will be relevant to the topics and encourage further learning around the area taught in the lesson.  If there are not specific tasks that students have been encouraged to read around, then they should observe sporting news/stories during the week to help support the examples needed for their examinations.  Students should be consistently reading their notes to familiarise themselves with the content.  For Miss Wilson they will be focusing most of their home learning on their EAPI.


Personal study

Students are allocated personal study during their free periods.  For three hours per fortnight students should focus on their Physical Education studies.  During these lessons students will be expected to continue to research and prepare for their EAPI assessment and keep their competitive log up to date.  Students need to be working hard outside of the classroom to give themselves the best possible chance to achieve the grade they are capable of.

We hope you find the information useful and thank you for in advance for your support. It is a subject we are passionate about and we hope our students feel the same way throughout their studies.

Miss Wilson & Mr Henderson

Poynton PE department

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us: