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Year 12 A Level Bulletin

January 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians/Carers,

Happy New Year!  We hope you have all managed to have a restful holiday and the students are ready for the term ahead!  Lots of information has been covered in the previous term and the students may start to become confused the more we cover so students should be consistently reading their notes to familiarise themselves with the content.   If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us:

  • – Mrs Kennedy
  • – Miss Hancock

This term…

Theory lessons – TOPICS TO BE COVERED:

JLH: Applied Anatomy & Physiology (Paper 1)

  • Altitude & diet

AKE: Skill Acquisition (Paper 2)

  • All topics have been covered for Skill Acquisition.This makes up half of Paper 2.The rest (Sports Psychology) will be completed after half term and throughout the summer term.

Students will be issued with a progress test at the end of each half term during their timetabled lessons and will be informed closer to the time of the date for completion. 

Tests will cover all of the information covered so far within the relevant lessons.  This test will be worth 45 marks and last approximately 60 minutes.  We are building up the length of test and types of questions to fully replicate the final examinations as we progress.

This test happen as normal in Miss Hancock’s lesson but Mrs Kennedy is introducing the Non-Examined Assessment element this half term (see below for details).

Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) – Evaluating & Analysing of Performance for Improvement (EAPI)

Students will be introduced to the EAPI during this half term in Mrs Kennedy’s lessons.  The EAPI requires students to evaluate & analyse a practical performance in their chosen sport (from the OCR approved list).  They must review strengths and weaknesses and create a developmental plan that will improve a selected weakness.  This is worth 15% of their final mark.  In the actual assessment, students watch a clip in their sport that they have never seen before and make notes relating to strengths and weaknesses and create a developmental plan, linking all areas to the theory they have learned.  They then provide a verbal response with their ‘answer’ from their notes.  This process is a very different type of assessment and so we aim to complete a number of practice runs to increase the students’ confidence in this area.  The first practice will be on themselves and so they need to provide a clip of them performing in their chosen sport.  They will then spend their lessons creating the script for their verbal response in lesson with support from Mrs Kennedy.  Their assessment will consist of a video recording of their response using notes.  As the course progresses the students will observe external clips with support being removed with each practice.  The actual assessment is usually complete straight after February half term of Year 13. 

Practical activities

Students are currently filling in their competition log for the sport they will be assessed in or will complete their talk in.  Students are reminder that they should be keeping this up to date outside of lessons.  Videoing can be completed at any time during the Year 12 course with students creating a portfolio of evidence if they wish rather than relying on one piece of evidence (they will require some evidence for the EAPI with Mrs Kennedy over this half term).  This will help if a student sustains an injury close to moderation or evidence deadlines.  Students are advised to be practising and competing in their sports as much as possible throughout the course. 


Students have been informed that their home learning will be set on a week by week basis via Doddle.  The tasks set will be relevant to the topics and encourage further learning around the area taught in the lesson. If there are not specific tasks that students have been encouraged to read around, then they should observe sporting news/stories during the week to help support the examples needed for their examinations.  The should also be completing their competitive logs.

Personal study

Students are allocated personal study during their free periods.  For three hours per fortnight students should focus on their Physical Education studies.  They have been issued with topic work packs to assist with this alongside reading their notes from lessons and researching more into the topic areas covered.

We hope you find the information useful and thank you for in advance for your support. It is a subject we are passionate about and we hope our students feel the same way throughout their studies.

Miss Hancock & Mrs Kennedy

Poynton PE department

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