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February 2019

Year 9 Parent and Carer Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Year 9s have made a fantastic start to 2019 during what is a very important term for the students where they will make their GCSE Option Choices. The students have approached the process with maturity and enthusiasm looking forward to their GCSE courses. This bulletin is a celebration of all of the brilliant achievements the Year 9s have made this half term, as well as some information about what is coming up after the half term break.


  • Currently studying for their English Language GCSE with a focus on Creative Reading (reading extracts from fiction stories);
  • After half-term they will be exercising their Creative Writing abilities, again building towards their GCSE studies;
  • The Year 9 Exam will be an Unseen Creative Reading Paper and will take place after the Easter break;
  • Letters will soon be going out regarding the purchasing of the text for English Literature so please do not buy your own copies – it is much easier when the whole class are working from the same edition of the text;
  • Encourage your child to engage with non-fiction texts such as newspaper articles, blogs and magazines – can they identify the writer’s point of view and explain why. This will help with the final unit of work this year;
  • Help students to revise key language terminology – they should have these written into their books and be able to identify them in a text;
  • Encourage students to go through their notes, identifying things that they are not sure about so that they can come back and ask teachers!


  • The next Maths assessment will be on the week commencing 25th February – teachers will tell their classes which day they will be completing the assessment on;
  • The revision lists for this assessment is on doddle now;

A huge congratulations to all that took part in the recent year 9 Intermediate Maths Challenge. Results will be released after half term with certificates to follow from there. The Junior Maths Challenge will take place at the end of April with the information given to selected students in their lessons over the next few months.


  • After half term, the students will be moving on to the following topics:




Atomic Structure/ Periodic Table


Atomic Structure


  • We are also giving 50 year 9 students the opportunity to attend a trip called the Big Bang. This will be on a first come first serve basis and it will be aimed at students opting for triple award science when they chose their options. There will more information about this after half term.

Product Design

  • Students are now well in to their year 9 Product Design projects. They will have completed two or three of the following:
    • Practical Action – Squashed Tomato Challenge
    • Passive Amplifier – a way to amplifier music from a phone without the use of electronics
    • Inclusive Design – Smart Materials
    • Batch Clock – a team project
    • Biomimicry in Design – a modelling project based on nature
  • The ‘Cheshire Make-It’ competition winners are still awaiting their final date and location of the finals – it will be in the summer term and either at the Concorde, Manchester Airport, or the Manchester United football ground – I will inform them as soon as I have the details.


  • Year 9 Football Team fixture in the LAST 16 of the National Cup. The team played really well against a very strong Thomas Telford team unfortunately losing 2-0 in the end. This is a massive achievement to get this far in this Cup and the boys should all be really proud of themselves. They represented the school exceptionally well.
  • Year 8&9 Girls football team have made it through to the 7-a-side Cheshire Final which will be held in March. A fantastic achievement. Good luck for the final.
  • After half term, PE activities will be changing to the following:



Boys 1 – Rugby

Boys 1 – Badminton

Boys 2 –  Rugby

Boys 2 – Rugby

Mixed – Dance

Mixed – Dodgeball

Girls 1 – Fitness

Girls 1 – Fitness

Girls 2 – Trampoline

Girls 2 – Trampoline


Religious Studies

  • Year 9 have done very this half term talking about the affect religion has on modern day technology and vice versa.
  • Next up we will be studying the religion of Buddhism including who the Buddha was and what some of his teachings suggested about the world around us.

General Notices

  • The Year 9s have conducted the GCSE options process with great maturity and it has been great for us to see them asking lots of questions and planning their future in KS4
  • The Cultural Passport focus of this half term has been ‘Who’s on the Money’, with students looking at a different notable Brit on our money and finding out why they have been chosen
  • There has been an attendance competition running towards the end of the half term; congratulations to 9DPW who are proud owners of the Attendance Certificate as the half term ends. We are looking forward to handing out some more of these certificates next half term – remember, ‘every lesson counts’
  • Congratulations to 9SK for winning the form breakfast for the highest average number of house points per person this half term!
  • It was brilliant to watch some inspirational Year 9 students hosting our full staff briefing this week, raising awareness of Hearing Loss and teaching us some British Sign Language – the students should be very proud of themselves.

It has been a brilliant half term full of lots of exciting opportunities and experiences for the students. Thank you to Year 9 for tackling every challenge with maturity and enthusiasm and we have really enjoyed working with them again this half term. We hope you all have a restful half term break and coming back ready to get involved in everything going on. You have been fantastic – keep it up! We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 25th February.


Please contact us if there is anything that we can help with at all.

Thank you for your continued support.

Emma Keaveney (

Year 9 Director of Learning

Laura Swaffer (

Welfare Leader (Year 8&9)