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Poynton High School

and Performing Arts College

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Key Stage 4

From the Gothic description of crimes on the streets of nineteenth-century London, to a 1940s dinner party with an uninvited guest, via a tale of power, conflict and the supernatural in medieval Scotland: during Key Stage Four English lessons, your child will visit a range of new, sometimes familiar, often challenging,  destinations and ideas as they make their journey through the GCSE Literature and Language courses at Poynton High School.

The new AQA Literature course allows students to encounter the classic literature of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, J.B. Priestley’s play  An Inspector Calls and Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

In addition to novels and plays, students will also experience a range of contemporary and heritage poetry from their very own anthology in order to develop an appreciation of poetic voices as diverse and captivating as William Blake, Wilfred Owen, Carol Ann Duffy, Imtiaz Dharker and John Agard.

Success in the study of language must also be based in practical purpose and whilst GCSE Language and Literature reading activities allow our students to broaden their ideas and vocabulary, writing activities give students further opportunities to develop the imaginative, creative and functional skills valued by employers and higher education institutes.  In undertaking the new AQA English Language course, students will learn to succeed in the production of a wide range of written texts including: short stories and descriptions, articles, letters, speeches, reviews and reports.

Our lessons also incorporate speaking and listening activities designed to support development of the social interaction and team-building skills so necessary to success at college, university or within the workplace and the wider world.

Our expectations of students, like our standards of success, are high.  All students come to GCSE with the ability to succeed academically and we encourage our students to attain their potential through a range of teaching and learning activities coupled with regular assessment.   

Students at Poynton High School enjoy their English studies in Year 10 and 11 and just a glance at the numbers of young people who continue with their study of English Language and Literature to A-Level is evidence of the enriching and exciting experiences offered to students at the GCSE stage.