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Head of Department - Mrs C Hall

Curriculum Ambition

The History Department at Poynton High School believes learning about History is much more than just an appreciation of the past. Throughout key stage 3 and through our popular GCSE and A level courses we aim to develop students’:

  • Understanding of the world we live in and how significant historical events have shaped our current world
  • Understanding of the growth of democracy and the challenges to it
  • Understanding of the impact of religion, political belief and prejudice on society
  • Empathy for the human experience
  • Ability to produce balanced arguments and to debate both in written form and verbally
  • Ability to discriminate effectively between sources of information
  • Enthusiasm for learning about the past

The department firmly believes that through the study of History students will leave PHS with a range of stills that will allow them access to many opportunities in further education and employment.

The History Department is staffed by specialist teachers who love their subject. It is the aim of the department to enthuse students about History so that they have a good understanding of the world we live in today and develop the skills and knowledge to be an effective historian.

We endeavour to engage all students and make History accessible to all. To that end History is taught through a variety of methods; role play, group work, challenge activities, and audio-visual material.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Students are taught through enquiries. These help to engage the students and enable them to develop historical skills such as source analysis and effective written communication.  In Year 7 students focus on social history and the units examine the impact of events on ordinary people.  In Year 8 the units focus on power and enable students to use the knowledge and skills from Year 7 to analyse more complex political issues encountered when studying the impact of decisions on  entire countries.  In Year 9 they move on to conflict globally and this unit builds upon work in both Year 7 and 8.  The concepts get progressively more challenging and the students develop their skills in debate, argument and analysis. 

Year 7

  • What was the Roman Empire?
  • Why did people die so young in the Middle Ages?
  • Why was religion a matter of life and death in the 16th and 17th centuries?
  • Did the Industrial Revolution Improve Lives?
  • How did World War Two change Britain?

Year 8

  • How did William conquer England?
  • Why did the English fight the English? (The English Civil War)
  • Was the British Empire a force for good?
  • How did the British people win the right to vote in the 19th and 20th centuries?
  • The migrants experience: A positive story?

Year 9

  • What caused World War One?
  • What was it like to fight in WW1
  • Why did Hitler become leader of Germany?
  • What was the Holocaust?
  • Was the world peaceful after WW2?
  • How did African Americans achieve Civil Rights by the 1970s?

Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

At Key Stage 4 we teach Edexcel History.  

  • The USA at conflict at home and abroad, 1954-1975
  • The History of Medicine, 1250 to the present
  • The British sector of the Western Front, 1914-1918: injuries, treatment and the trenches
  • The Reigns of King Richard I and King John, 1189-1216
  • The American West, 1835–c1895

Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

At A Level we study the AQA specification. All students study Tudor England, 1485-1603. They complement this course by studying Russian History, 1917-1953 or German History, 1918-1945. Students also complete a piece of coursework which is independently researched and written

More information from AQA can be found at

The History Department
Head of Department

Mrs C Hall

Teachers of History Mr M Dean
Miss A Norwood
Mrs L Hicketts
Miss S O'Loughlin

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