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Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

The background

Until 2020 schools received additional funding for students in Year 7 who had not met the expected standard at the end of KS2.  Spending is outlined below and the measurement of impact is at the foot of the page.  We continue to support the progress of those students and in 2021 will be assessing all Year 7 using Cognitive Ability Tests and reading tests to provide us with more information as Key Stage 2 tests were not taken in 2021.  We have also recruited a qualified primary teacher to work with us in 2021-22 to support the progress of Year 7 students who require additional support.

Catch-Up Premium Spend and Impact

Academic Year 2019 – 2020

Funding for this academic year is estimated to be £9,025.

Description of Spending



Directors of Learning & Student Welfare Officers

£1 500


Extension of Doddle to more subjects




Learning Support provision – screening, IDL software (multi-sensory spelling and reading software, aimed specifically at students with dyslexic traits), specialist LSA work in  English, buddy reading.  From December 2019 there will be extra capacity in English to provide more small group teaching for the catch up students.  The KS3 Co-ordinator in English is involved in supporting the progress of these students




Specialist LSA work in Maths to support progress.  Numicon (multi-sensory mathematics resources (including Cuisenaire rods)), guided use of Doodle Maths app (including leader board to motivate students).  KS2 SATs-benchmarked testing programme in place throughout the year to monitor impact.  The KS3 Co-ordinator in Maths and the SENCo-designate are involved in supporting the progress of these students.




£7 025


£9 025

Impact in 2019-20

Numeracy - In 2019-20, as part of the Catch-Up provision, students in Year 7 used the Doodle Maths ICT package, both at home and during registration period in school.  However, due to the lockdown which occurred in March 2020, students were not able to benefit fully from the programme.  The curtailment of the academic year meant that only limited data were available and no significant impact on student progress could be measured.  

Students in receipt of the catch-up premium continued to be taught in smaller classes, facilitating greater teacher-pupil interaction either in school or online.

Literacy - The progress is tracked through English.  Before lockdown we believed that the use of buddy reading was effective and we assigned students to intervention groups.  Unfortunately we were unable to continue these due to lockdown and the screening for reading at the end of the year did not happen.  This made it difficult to monitor the impact of the work that was done.  

In the last two years we have used CATs tests to provide more information about the Year 7s and additionally this year we have invested in reading tests for the Year 7 students to provide additional information.  To make effective use of this information we have appointed a qualified primary teacher this year to work with our students.   We think this will be a really valuable addition to the work we do.