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PHS Celebrates

Congratulations to Louise Bedford in Year 10 who put the First Aid Training she received from St John Ambulance to good effect to save her younger brother from choking!  Well done we are so proud of Louise and our links with the St John Ambulance.

St John's Ambulance Media Release

Cheshire teen saves brother thanks to life-saving lessons

A 15-year-old girl from Cheshire has rescued her younger brother by delivering life-saving first aid when he started choking at their home during dinner.

On 4th October, mother, Laura Bedford, was preparing her children’s pudding when she heard screaming and shouting from the lounge.


“I ran to the children to see what happened and found Alexander with his eyes streaming and asked Louise what had happened” Laura said.

Taking up the incident, Louise said: “Alexander was coughing and went a bluey, purple colour. I knew immediately that he was choking and started to give him backslaps.”

After the third backslap, thankfully a piece of new potato shot out of the seven-year-olds mouth.

“It was such a nerve-wracking and scary situation but I’m really glad I knew what to do.   Knowing first aid in situations like this can be reassuring” Louise said.

Mother Laura said: “I’m extremely proud of what Louise did that day and grateful she gets to learn these life-saving skills at school.

“In an emergency, every second is critical and it’s important to do something than nothing.”

Louise, a student at Poynton High School, has been receiving first aid training at the school through St John Ambulance.

Mr David Waugh, Head Teacher of Poynton High School said: ‘It is truly fantastic that Louise was able to help in this way, quite literally saving her brother’s life. The first aid training provided by St John Ambulance is second to none and we are very proud of our links with them.

“Louise has jumped in with both feet to the extra-curricular activities available and we are so very proud of her very calm and highly effective response”.

St John Ambulance provides first aid training in schools to equip students and teachers with the skills to save a life. The charity also provides lots of free, online resources to help teachers deliver first aid lessons in the classroom. 

Caroline Kennedy Drabble, Schools Community Trainer, St John Ambulance said: “Louise did a great job and is an example of why young people should have basic first aid knowledge from an early age. Students are highly capable of applying these skills in critical situations.

“First aid is not only life saving but there are many other benefits to personal development that it can bring, such as communication and leadership skills.”

To find out more about St John Ambulance, including details of school training courses, how to make a donation in support of the charity’s lifesaving work, and opportunities to volunteer in your area visit:

For all media enquires please contact Bijal Wong, Interim PR Officer (North) by emailing


About St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance is the charity that steps forward in the moments that matter to save lives and support communities. Its highly trained volunteers keep people safe at events nationwide, springing into action to help with medical incidents and emergencies.

The organisation also helps the NHS by responding to some 999 calls, as well as transporting patients safely. And every year around 500,000 people, including children and young people, learn how to save a life through its first aid training.

St John Ambulance has saved lives and relieved suffering for over 140 years, and – with the support of the public – will do so for decades to come.

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