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29th March 2018 - Year 11 Only

Dear Parents and Carers of our Year 11 Students,

Happy Easter from all of us here at PHS.  I hope you all have some quality family time planned over the next two weeks.  I wanted to write to you specifically with some updates, which are particularly pertinent to you as the parents and carers of our Year 11 students. 

Our Year 11’s have been working exceptionally hard, especially over this last term as they approach the end of their GCSE and BTEC studies.  You will have heard a lot about the new style qualifications that they are studying, such as “…the most academic ever”, “…the hardest GCSEs in a long time”, “…much bigger content tested in a more academic way” and so on.  Such comments have their place in focussing minds on the challenges ahead, but it must also be balanced with the confidence that our students should possess given the great preparation work they are putting in.   

I wanted to take an opportunity to tell you that they are doing EXCEPTIONALLY well and to encourage them to not only structure the next two weeks in terms of their revision programme but also to ensure they take a proper break and achieve some “down time”. 

It is correct that these are new style qualifications, tested in different ways and are focussed on what is traditionally seen as more academic aspects of content.  However, our students are being very well prepared, they have responded exceptionally well and I would encourage you to talk to them about the “Pride Assembly” we did only a few weeks ago.  In that assembly I told them how proud we are of them, how proud you are of them, how much we believe in them and that it was now time for them to believe in themselves.  

We have given out a lot of information recently which will help our students in their preparations, some of which I have detailed below:

  • A great deal of subject specific information can be found here
  • A full breakdown of the summer exam timetable can be found here
  • All year 11 students have now received a personalised exam timetable and a blank revision timetable for them to complete.  You may find it useful to “pin both on the fridge”.
  • Daily exam tips will be given via the Year 11 twitter feed (@PHS_Year11).  You may find it useful to refer to some of the revision tips that we gave out in our November Parent Bulletin

Every week, after school, we have a range of “Year 11 Supported Study” sessions running.  Please encourage your son/daughter to sign up to these in the respective departmental areas. 

A lot of student work is now uploaded on to the Doddle Website where you will be able to see what revision work is available and also there is a link to the Maths PiXL App.  This new app is proving to be very popular and effective as it provides a personalised mathematics GCSE revision and testing programme.  You can find a link to this here.

With four boys myself at various stages of education, I really do understand the stress and pressure that the exam season brings.  This letter is really an opportunity for me to say how well Year 11 are doing, to reaffirm how proud we all are of them and to encourage them to both structure their revision over the next two weeks but to also get some “down time”.  In our fast moving world, it has never been more important to find that “switch off button” every now and again and this very much applies to our students as well as us as adults.  I am reminded of a line in a poem that I use in assembly, “…go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence” (Desiderata, Max Ehrmann). 

Happy Easter – I hope you all find some peace this Easter time. 

Yours faithfully,


Mr David Waugh

Head Teacher