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Year 13 A level Bulletin

Dear Parents/Guardians/Carers,

Welcome back to the A level Physical Education course!  Students have come back ready to work and have been focused over the last few weeks. 


This term…

Theory lessons – TOPICS COVERED:

JLH: Applied Anatomy & Physiology/Exercise Physiology

The topics being covered this half term in Exercise Physiology are:

  • Biomechanics – fluid mechanics
  • Biomechanics – projectile motion

AKE: Socio-cultural issues in sport (contemporary issues in sport)

  • Ethics and deviance in sport – including drugs and doping, violence & gambling in sport
  • Commercialization & the media
  • Routes to sporting excellence
  • Modern technology in sport

Non-Examined Assessment (NEA)

Practical activities

Students are currently filling in their competition log for the sport they will be assessed in or will complete their talk in.  Videoing evidence should be submitted before the Christmas break to allow us to mark it ready for the new year deadline.  This should be handed in to Mrs Kennedy along with their competition log.


EAPI (Evaluation & Analysis of Performance for Improvement)

Students will receive feedback from their previous attempts and will complete a mock before the mock examinations for this task (in January).  The actual assessment will be competed after mock examination after February half term.  Students were issued with exercise books during the summer term that they are expected to work through during their study periods (3 hours per fortnight).  In this book they will analyse their chosen sport and develop a bank of information regarding strengths & weaknesses & action plans to assist them in the preparation for the actual EAPI assessment.  The more work they complete in this time will assist them in gaining a higher mark. 

Information about the task from the exam board regarding the EAPI

Learners observe a live or recorded performance of a peer in either their own assessed performance activity or another activity from the approved list.  This performance must be new to them to ensure that the response to it is not rehearsed.  Learners are assessed in their ability to evaluate an individual’s performance (rather than that of a team) and propose a viable development plan to improve that performance.  Learners will then give a verbal response in which they analyse and critically evaluate:

  • the quality and range of the acquired and developed skills being performed
  • the appropriateness and level of success of the selection and application of skills, strategies and tactics
  • the understanding and awareness shown by the performer during performance
  • the use of physical attributes during performance
  • the overall effectiveness and success of the performance.

Learners will identify and justify the major area of weakness within the performance to prioritise for improvement and will propose a long term (2–3 months) development plan to improve the area of performance identified. The development plan should include:

  • aims and objectives for the development plan
  • a timescale for the plan
  • why it is appropriate to spend this length of time on improving this one area
  • frequency, duration and focus of sessions
  • detailed progressive practices
  • detailed coaching points
  • potential adaptations to the development plan depending on progress
  • how improvement could be measured

Learners will justify both their evaluative comments and their development plan with application of relevant knowledge and concepts which they have studied within Components 01, 02 and 03 of the GCE level Physical Education specification.



Students have been informed that their home learning will be set on a week by week basis either electronically (email) or verbally.  The tasks set will be relevant to the topics and encourage further learning around the area taught in the lesson.  If there are not specific tasks that students have been encouraged to read around, then they should observe sporting news/stories during the week to help support the examples needed for their examinations.  Students should be consistently reading their notes to familiarise themselves with the content.  They can also use this time to work on their EAPI preparation.     


Personal study

Students are allocated personal study during their free periods.  For three hours per fortnight students should focus on their Physical Education studies.  During these lessons students will be expected to continue to research and prepare for their EAPI assessment and keep their competitive log up to date.  Students need to be working hard outside of the classroom to give themselves the best possible chance to achieve the grade they are capable of.

We hope you find the information useful and thank you for in advance for your support. It is a subject we are passionate about and we hope our students feel the same way throughout their studies.


We hope you have a restful and joyful Christmas and New Year.

Poynton PE department

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