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KS3 Weekly Bulletin

Monday 18th May 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and young people,

            I hope this bulletin finds you and your families safe and well and that you have enjoyed the weekend. This weekend I made the decision to download the Sims which definitely provided a break from being inside my own house to spending lots of time in Sims houses! We also managed a nice long walk on Saturday in the sunshine, made brownies and I won a quiz with my friends on Sunday over Zoom. It might not have been a ‘normal’ weekend, but I am definitely trying to make the most of them. Speaking to my friends so regularly over zoom or facetime has been a highlight of my weekend since lock down started – have you done much of this? Maybe it’s time to reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to much and see what they have been up to?

Careers Week

          This week is Careers Week – a chance for you to start thinking about your futures. It may seem like a really long time away and that you have no idea what you want to do, and that is absolutely fine! The aim for this week is just to get you thinking about what is out there, what you are interested in and how you might go about approaching different career pathways. Each day my twitter challenge will be Careers focused – a huge thank you to Mrs Bibby for all of her hard work on these challenges and making sure that Careers week can still go ahead. All of the challenges will be included in next week’s bulletin in case you miss any on twitter.

Mental Health Awareness Week

            This week is also Mental Health Awareness Week – a chance to really focus on supporting the positive mental health of ourselves, our young people and our wider community. Promoting positive mental health is always an important focus for us in school, and you will see on twitter over the next few weeks information and resources to promote positive mental health. We will extend this over the next few weeks so that we can focus on careers and positive mental health.

PHS YouTube Channel

            In light of this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, Mr Bennett has recorded another assembly. Hopefully you will have had the chance to watch last week’s, as well as some of the other videos on our new PHS YouTube channel. Mr Bennett’s assembly can be found at the following link:


As a school, our focus is to provide the best educational experience possible at this time. If you have any concerns regarding the ability of your child to access work that is set, or anything that may be a barrier to them completing work, please get in touch with the year teams so that we can support your child at this time. Finally, please remember that although we are not physically in school, we are still a community and we will do everything we can to support you and your learning during this time. If ever you need anything, send me a tweet or drop me an email. Have a lovely week.

Stay safe, keep learning and look after yourselves and your families,

Miss E Keaveney                                                                               

Director of Learning for KS3