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July 2019

Year 9 Parent and Carer Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find inside this final Key Stage 3 Bulletin a celebration of another fantastic academic year, along with some advice on how to keep in touch with the learning of the last year and some ideas about what will be happening in each subject from September. A massive well done to Year 9 on achieving 156,208 house points this year – what an incredible achievement!



  • In September students will be returning to work on the AQA Poetry Anthology as part of their English Literature GCSE. The anthology is provided by the exam board and will be given to students in the new academic year;
  • All students have now successfully completed their Speaking and Listening task for their English Language GCSE. The students have done an extraordinary job of discussing a range of issues that concern them in exciting and engaging ways – the best we have seen so far!;
  • The students have also used this term to read An Inspector Calls and develop familiarity with the plot. It is really important that student revise this over the summer as we won’t return to it until later in Year 10;
  • In September there will still a range of tasks being set on Doddle that will support students in their English work. These will form the basis of their English revision so it is extremely important that these home learnings are kept organised using their folders;
  • GCSE English Literature texts have now been distributed. The folders will be kept in school until the start of Year 10;
  • Encourage your child to engage with non-fiction texts such as newspaper articles, blogs and magazines – can they identify the writer’s point of view and explain why. This will help with revision for their English Language Paper Two;
  • Help students to revise key language terminology – they should have these written into their books and be able to identify them in a text;
  • Encourage students to go through their notes, identifying things that they are not sure about so that they can come back and ask teachers!


Maths and Science

  • The Year 9 students have worked really hard this academic year, having started their GCSE courses.
  • To further extend and embed their knowledge, they should review the topics they have found the most difficult. They could look back on Doddle and recompleted quizzes or extension activities. They could also look back through their end of year exams to identify any areas they have found more challenging.
  • The Maths and Science Teams hope the students have a brilliant summer and we look forward to welcoming them back in September!


  • The Year 9 students have made an excellent start to their GCSE course looking at Tropical Rainforests.
  • They should keep an eye on the news over the summer for anything about Climate Change, Earthquakes or Wildfires – all of these could be examples that you can use in your GCSE!


  • A big congratulations to Year 9 for completing not only KS3 History but the first part of the History GCSE course.
  • Students continuing with History into Year 10 will be picking up the GCSE course from the pivotal year of 1963 where Martin Luther King was put in jail for peacefully protesting for civil rights in Birmingham, Alabama and JFK proposed the Civil Rights Bill.
  • Great preparation for this over the summer would be to watch a movie like ‘The Butler’, ‘The Help’ or ‘Selma’ to really get a flavour of this time in history.

Religious Studies

  • Year 9 have now completed an entire module of their GCSE in RS. We are very proud of the hard work that they have put in, not just this year, but throughout the whole of Key Stage 3 and know that it will set them up well for their GCSE. Excellent work Year 9 and good luck!


It has been fantastic working with the Year 9s for the last two years and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the students, see them grow and make so much progress. We are so proud of all that they have achieved and are so looking forward to seeing how they tackle Key Stage 4. Thank you also to all of the parents and carers for all of your help and support over the last two years and we wish you all a restful summer break. See you on the 4th September in your white shirts Year 9 – Mrs Dempsey and Mrs Handby will be waiting for you.

Emma Keaveney                                                                         Laura Swaffer

Year 9 Director of Learning                                                 Welfare Leader for Year 8 and 9