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May 2019

Year 9 Parent and Carer Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers,

Inside this bulletin is a celebration of all of the fantastic achievements from the Year 9 students this half term as well as information about the forthcoming final half term of this academic year and KS3 for the students! The students were absolutely fantastic during the exams and we are really proud of the effort made to make the mocks as purposeful as possible. They took the opportunity to prepare for their formal external exams and hopefully will feel prepared for the future.



  • During this half term students have been completing the Non-Fiction Paper 2 Reading Scheme with a seen assessment completed in class after May half-term;
  • After half-term they will complete activities for non-fiction writing but there is no official assessment as this will come out of their S&L task (see below);
  • Immediately after Easter they started a fortnightly lesson on An Inspector Calls (this is to kick start their GCSE English Literature). The main aim is for them to have read and understood the plot of the play.
  • In addition, they should receive 3 key lessons about their S&L Assessment but most of the time they are working on this independently at home with occasional check-ins.
  • There is still a range of tasks being set on Doddle that will support students in their English work;
  • GCSE English Literature texts have now been distributed. The folders will be kept in school until the start of Year 10;
  • Encourage your child to engage with non-fiction texts such as newspaper articles, blogs and magazines – can they identify the writer’s point of view and explain why. This will help with the final unit of work this year;
  • Help students to revise key language terminology – they should have these written into their books and be able to identify them in a text;
  • Encourage students to go through their notes, identifying things that they are not sure about so that they can come back and ask teachers!



  • There is an open book assessment towards the end of the school year, w/c 8th July, the content for which will be made available via Doddle mid-way through June.
  • The students will be continuing with GCSE content during the final half term.
  • Keep up with the hard work!



  • In Science, students have been working towards their GCSEs for the whole year and completed GCSE exam style papers for all three Sciences.
  • After half term, the students will be continuing with the GCSE content in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.



  • History students have now successfully complete KS3 History and are beginning to study some of the content needed for GCSE History.
  • Students are learning about a very important time in American history, the Civil Rights Movement, and will be looking at those individuals involved in the movement throughout the final half term of Year 9.



  • This half term students have been working on the Living World topic of the GCSE, focusing on Tropical Rainforests.
  • For the final half term, Year 9 Geographers will be continuing to look at ecosystems around the world before moving on to look at an example of an issue evaluation, similar to those at GCSE.
  • Make sure to keep watching the news to keep up with everything that is going on around the world.


Product Design

  • An update about the ‘Cheshire Make-It’ competition final:

I have received information that this final will be in the Autumn term. Further details will come out hopefully before the summer. Thank you for being so patient with this.


Religious Studies

  • Year 9 are now working their way through the new GCSE on the topic of worship and festivals for Christianity.
  • By the end of the school year they will have all completed 1 whole topic of the GCSE and be well on their way to understanding what is needed for a GCSE in RS.



  • Our summer extra-curricular timetable has begun. Please could you remind your child about the clubs we have on. Please look at the website, and our twitter page (@PHS_PhysEd) to find out what clubs are on afterschool. These include Tennis, Rounders, Softball, Athletics, Fitness, and Triathlon. We look forward to seeing you there.
  • ‘Sports Ambassador’ Opportunity – if any student is interested in becoming a sports leader and wants to develop their leadership skills through helping at PE clubs, Primary Schools Sports Day, and leading activities within lessons, then please come and get an application form from the PE Office.


It has been a brilliant half term full of lots of exciting opportunities and experiences for the students. Thank you to Year 9 for tackling every challenge with maturity and enthusiasm and we have really enjoyed working with them again this half term. We are looking forward to welcoming you back for our final half term together and celebrating all of the amazing things the students have achieved over the last two years. Have a lovely and restful half term and we will see you back on Monday 3rd June.

Please contact us if there is anything that we can help with at all.

Thank you for your continued support.

Emma Keaveney                                                                           Laura Swaffer

Year 9 Director of Learning                                                       Welfare Leader for Year 8 and 9