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Year 10 End of Year Bulletin July 2020

July 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and young people,

I hope that this final bulletin of the year finds you and your family safe and well. It has been a challenging few months to say the least and I’d like to start by saying well done to our year 10 students for the all the effort that has gone in to ensuring that they are continuing to complete work and stay on top of their deadlines to ensure their success next year in their 2021 GCSE examinations. It has been a huge learning curve for everybody to get used to working from home and I congratulate everybody for what they have done to make the best of this time. We are incredibly proud of you!

Whilst our time away from school has been challenging, I hope that you’ve all found something new about yourselves or possibly tried a new hobby or master a new skill, maybe just trying to make the most of the extra time with family. It can be so difficult during times like this to see good in situations but I have been humbled by some of the stories of kindness students from our year group have shared.

Student Reports

Reports for Year 10 will be issued on Wednesday this week. The reports this year reflect the fact that the personal experience of each student has been so different and many have faced challenges beyond their control.  They provide information about the work that the students have been set in each subject since March and guidance on what they will be assessed on in September.  We will then issue a progress report in the Autumn term which will support discussion at the Year 11 parents evening.   The end of the Autumn term will see the Year 11 students sit full mock examinations and these grades will be reported home after Christmas.  If you have any concerns or any questions that arise in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.

GCSE Exam dates 2021

As you will be aware the government has asked the exam boards to consider whether the exam dates for GCSE could start after half term, on 7 June 2021.  This would mean that the examinations would run into July next year.  This possible change will obviously have an impact on when Year 11 students can go on holiday in 2021.  We are expecting a decision in August and as soon as we know we will let you know. 


You will be aware that as a school we have moved away from our use of Doddle, instead utilising the live benefits Google classroom has to offer. From September we will no longer be using Doddle at all.

Poynton’s Got Talent

Mr Rawling is putting together the final touches to Poynton’s Got Talent for the judging to take place – we are super excited to be judging the entries and look forward to seeing all of the brilliant talents our young people have!


If there is ever a time to get back to reading, it is this summer. Many studies have shown that reading is the best thing your young person can do to boost their attainment and confidence. A comprehensive understanding of language will support your young person’s learning in every subject. It does not really matter what it is, but reading a book will always be of benefit. I have really enjoyed reading more whilst we have been in lockdown and it is definitely a habit I intend to continue. There are lots of recommendations for good books to read on the Poynton High School twitter feeds from both the English Department and the Library. The English Team have also discussed books and reading in their lessons with the students this week.

Some ideas for books can be found on the following websites:

Final week

Tasks and assessments will continue to be set this week, and online lessons will continue up until Friday at 1:30 when we end the school year with our final assembly led by Mr Waugh. I will be sharing the assembly on Friday so that we are all able to come together and celebrate this wonderfully strange year.

The summer now give us a chance for all of us to take a break, relax and enjoy ourselves. Equally if you have found that it has been challenging to remain on top of your assignment deadlines the summer will offer an opportunity to ‘catch up’. Tasks will continue to be live on Google classroom that can be revisited in order to ensure you are up to date upon the return to school in September.

More information will be sent to parents and carers from Miss Holyland and Mr Waugh regarding the return to school in September.

Finally, a massive thank you and well done on behalf of all the staff at Poynton High School to our Key Stage 4 students. We have been really impressed with the way our students have adapted to these challenging times and it has been a real pleasure communicating with them over live lessons and seeing the brilliant work they have submitted on Google Classroom.

Have a wonderful summer break and I really look forward, more than ever before probably, to returning to teaching our students in September.

Stay safe, keep learning and look after yourselves and your families,

Mrs R. Dempsey

Director of Learning to Key Stage 4

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