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October 2019

Year 11 Parent and Carer Bulletin – October 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 11 have made a fantastic start to this academic year, our bulletin includes important information about what is coming up after the half term break for our students and includes strategies suggested by subject tutors to ensure students achieve their maximum potential.



Year 11 students are currently completing revision to prepare for two mock exams for their Language GCSE, which will be taken just before half term. After half term, Year 11 will be moving on to complete the final cluster of poems from their anthologies. There are some fantastic revision guides to support with their revision of these poems found here:

At KS4, students should always be keeping up with steady revision. All pupils have either a GCSE English Language or a GCSE English Literature revision task set on Doddle each week to support their studies. These will form the foundation of their revision over the two year course and should be kept neatly in the folders provided by school. The English department has produced a series of Revision Skills Flowcharts to help point your son/ daughter in the right direction if they are feeling stuck about how to approach the independent revision that they should be doing on top of the tasks set on Doddle. Hopefully these will also enable you to support your child at home. To support students Literature GCSE students should be starting to re-read their texts, which are An Inspector Calls, Macbeth, and the previous 10 poems from the AQA Anthology. In addition, pupils could begin pre-reading of Jekyll & Hyde. Many students have done this already, which is fantastic!



Year 11 maths supported study runs every Wednesday 3-4pm in the library. If your child has been invited please remind them that they need to attend every week. If your child has not been invited but they would like a quiet place to work with help available when required, please encourage them to come along. Students should bring with them some work to complete during this session or some questions they have struggled with.

All of year 11 are being set a revision homework task every fortnight on a week 2 Monday. This is where they are told a particular topic to focus on for that fortnight (pages are referenced if they have purchased the revision guide). This is then a targeted focus for the start of the following lessons. This is to help the students know which topics they should be focusing on and then enabling them a chance to put into practice the revision they have done. This will continue for the remainder of year 11.

All of year 11 are also being challenged to gain a minimum of 10 points each fortnight as another of their homework’s, this is set on a week 1 Monday. After half term students will be inputting the data from their mock which will then allow pixl to be more personalised to what topics students should be focusing on based on their own strengths and weaknesses.

Once students have inputted this data into pixl, they should use this information to help them with their continued revision. This mock was their first experience of all three papers under exam conditions and so should show exactly where the students are at right now. If you are unsure what the weaknesses are, on the PiXL maths app you can go to ‘Take a test’ – ‘my summary PLC report’. This gives each student a list of all the topics they need to study at GCSE level and what they have already shown their ability level to be on this topic. The more students use PiXL, the more it personalises to the student. This will prove to be valuable feedback to both the students and class teachers.

Please continue to support students to complete all their homework and classwork to the best of their ability and to engage fully with each lesson.




All students will have completed a paper 2 assessment this first half term and will have received feedback on this in lessons.

In addition, Y11 Science students will sit 2 mock exams this academic year:

  • Mock 1 in December: Will assess Paper 1 content (work covered in Y9 and Y10)
  • Mock 2 in March: Will assess Paper 2 content (all work covered at the end of Y10 and all of Y11, plus some topics from Y9)

Revision for Paper 1 mock in December

To help support your child in preparing for the upcoming Science GCSE mock exams in December, the Science team has coordinated several revision resources to help ensure students are fully prepared. These include:

Science Six

Students are set this task on Doddle very 2 weeks to complete in the back of the relevant science books. Cycles 1-3 should now all be completed. The last cycle (cycle 4) is due after half term.  It is essential students complete these tasks to ensure they recap paper 1 content from Y9 and Y10.

Chunked revision

All students will receive a booklet of past paper questions for Biology, Chemistry and Physics before half-term to begin completing over half term.

For each of the three Sciences, students will be asked to complete a set of chunked revision, whereby they revise a designated set of topics each week and will then complete exam questions to apply their knowledge and practice exam technique. This will start over half term and will continue weekly, up until the mocks begin (week beginning 9th December).

We would very much appreciate your support in encouraging your son/daughter to complete all these revision tasks in preparation for their mock exams.

Revision guides

The majority of students purchased these last year. If your child does not have one and you would like them to have one, below are details of how to order directly from CGP:

Double Science revision guides:

Higher tier:

Foundation tier:

Triple science students (will need separate ones for Biology, Chemistry and Physics):


If your young person has an account for this, please encourage them to use it as it is an excellent revision resource. Activation codes have now been handed out to students, so please ensure your child has re-activated their account from last year.

If you did not purchase a subscription to this last year, and are interested in getting this for your child, full details and prices can be found here:



After half term your young person will be sitting a mock exam in one of their Geography lessons. This will be in preparation for the Paper 3 – Geographical Applications exam in the summer. This exam will cover the fieldwork your child completed at the end of Year 10, geographical skills, and will also be based on a pre-release booklet of information. Students will have to study this booklet carefully and will be expected to answer questions based on the items in the booklet and come to a decision or judgement based on the issue presented.

Prior to half term, some lesson time will be used to prepare for this exam. Over the half term break, your child will be expected to revise for this exam. Your child will been given their fieldwork folder to take home. On Doddle, they will find the pre-release booklet of information and a booklet of tasks to complete based on this. 

The exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The date and time of the mock exam will depend on the Geography class your child is in:

11AGg1 – Tuesday 5th November –period 4

11BGg1 – Monday 4th November – period 4

11CGg1 – Thursday 7th November – period 4

11DGg1 – Monday 4th November – period 5 (to start at 1.40pm in room 54)

11EGg1 – Wednesday 6th November – period 2

11EGg2 - Wednesday 6th November – period 2

To ensure your young person is preparing for exams, the department also recommends these revision question cards:

If you have any specific questions about the exam, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Crossan.



Students should be beginning to prepare for their mock exams in History next half term. The exams in History will be on Medicine (paper 1), the USA and the American West (paper 2). There will be plenty of revision material that is uploaded onto doddle and students should make use of this plus the doddle quizzes, their revision guides and their exercise books to prepare fully for the mocks.


Product Design

As you may be aware the non-examined assessment counts towards 50% of students GCSE. We would therefore encourage all Product Design students to attend the intervention sessions that run each Monday and Wednesday 3 – 4pm in room 53. 

Students should have completed all work up to, and including the review of initial ideas. Students that are not up to date with this will be expected to attend the intervention sessions.


Religious Studies

All Year 11 students will be given their RS revision guides mid-November to aid student’s revision and preparation for the forthcoming mock examinations.

Students will sit 2 exams:

Component 1- The study of religion

Component 2 - Thematic studies

Both exams are 1hour and 45 mins.

Students need to revise all their work in their exercise books as the whole course will be covered in these exams. Students can start to consolidate their knowledge by making revision mind maps/cue cards in the run up to these exams.



Mock exam information: teachers will discuss with students the best tier of entry for the December mock exams. All MFL students will complete a full GCSE mock including reading, listening and writing papers and a full mock speaking exam. Any students who sit the Foundation paper in the mocks will not be allowed to take the Higher tier paper in the summer unless in exceptional cases recommended as the best course of action by their class teacher.

Individual times will be arranged for the speaking exams for which students will come out of lessons for a half-hour slot. Students who miss their slot may not have chance to re-arrange their speaking exams. In the summer exams, any students missing their speaking exam time will be marked as absent as receive 0 for this component which counts for 25% of the overall grade, so the mock exams are good practice for turning up at the right time!

For any students who did not buy revision guides in Y10 who would now like to buy one, letters will be available to order through school after October half term from any member of the MFL department. Students can also be using and to keep up with their vocabulary learning and should be using these sites regularly as part of their independent study to expand their vocabulary and revise previous topics from Y10.


Physical Education

GCSE PE Revision is on every Monday 3-4pm in Room 7. All students are welcome to attend the extra revision sessions each week. A different topic will be covered each session. Please speak to Mr Shaw or Mrs Kennedy regarding these.

GCSE PE – any student who is completing video evidence for a sport that they do outside of school, please could you continue to get as much evidence as possible. Mr Shaw and Mrs Kennedy have spoken to parents/carers for students who we are aware that are completing this. Please can the evidence then be brought into school so that we can use to assess the student and give students a mark.

Cambridge National Sport Studies catch up is on Monday’s 3-4pm in Room 7. Students can use this time to complete work / do extra revision for the exam.

Cambridge National Sport Studies – majority of students will be completing an exam in January 2020. This will count towards their GCSE and it is important that they prepare fully for this. They will spend lesson time after half time preparing for this, but it is also vital they complete tasks and revision in their own time. 


Art, Craft & Design

These groups are working on their mock examination project which will have to be fully finished and submitted with all of their Yr10 coursework at the start of January. This will be their GCSE coursework submission which accounts for 60% of the student’s GCSE grade. This is a very

important deadline as groups will then start their Externally Set Assignment project when they return from the Christmas break, which will count 40% towards the GCSE grade.



The Year 11 groups have been working upon a ‘Street’ Photography mock examination project. The quality of the photographs and responses to briefs and tasks is improving and students will be working towards final outcomes for this project very soon.

All of this current project and their Year Ten coursework is to be submitted at the start of January. This will be their GCSE coursework submission which accounts for 60% of the student’s GCSE grade. This is a very important deadline as groups will then start their Externally Set Assignment project when they return from the Christmas break, which will count 40% towards the GCSE grade.

Year 11 students have been producing all of their portfolio on PowerPoint online which can then be accessed at home via the internet. Once work has been added to the online portfolio students can share their portfolio with the teacher, this has proven to generate work more quickly and efficiently.

The Art Department can be found on Instagram at ‘Poynton Art Dept’.


Creative iMedia.

This is an important term for all iMedia students.  There are a number of key assessments being worked on:

November re-submission of R082 Graphics – students have been improving their work on this unit and this will be submitted to the exam board at the start of November.  There are weekly sessions running after school between 3.15 and 4.15 every Monday and Thursday.  These sessions will continue after half term.

There is also the opportunity to attend a Graphics workshop over half term on Tuesday 29th October 2019 from 9.15am till 1.15pm.  This is being run by Mr Bemowski and is aimed at the students submitting their Graphics work in November.

All Year 11 iMedia students will sit their externally set examination in January.  This examination is worth 25% of their final mark.  After half term all lessons will be dedicated to preparing the students for this external assessment.


Business Studies

Students can prepare for their mock exam using their class notes. A revision guide and practice question book can be purchased below.

All students will sit a 2 hour mock in December but each class will have a different paper depending on the units covered so far. This will be discussed in class and at parents evening but all students should revise Units 1 and 2 from Year 10.

More information is available on PHS_BIzEcon and the department will be posting links to revision quizzes over half term.



It has been a pleasure to listen to both Y10 and Y11 recording their performance pieces this half term.   We’ve heard Beethoven through to AC/DC, from operatic pieces to musicals.  With every recording, the students receive valuable feedback in order to make further progress before sending off their work to AQA next March.  The more performances they record the better their performance marks will be. Students should be booking one to one appointments with Mr Western which take place at either lunchtime or after school.  Most students perform their solo first as it is easier to organise themselves.  When working on their ensemble piece, they need to organise other people to attend rehearsals.  Being in a music club throughout the year brings so many benefits including helping with the ensemble performance at GCSE. 

Over the holiday students have been set composition, listening and performance work.  It’s important that the students also relax and what better way than to close their eyes and listen to the “Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album which they will tested on in May (Y11).  All resources are on the M drive within the Music Department that the students access throughout the course. 

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Mr Western:


Tech Award Enterprise

Students received the results from their summer exams when we returned to school and they should be extremely proud to be the first set of students to sit this exam and achieve such amazing results. With over 40% of the course now complete, students need to ensure they are putting 100% into their coursework assignments in order to meet the deadlines. We will have finished component 1 by Christmas and will be starting component 2 where students will plan and pitch their own business ideas. Any students resitting their component 3 examination will be given revision materials in preparation for the mock exams in December.


Careers interviews

All year 11 students are entitled to have a careers interview with our impartial Careers Advisor. We will be working through the year 11 students throughout the year to arrange interviews and we strongly advise that students attend these half an hour interviews. If any student feels that they have a more urgent and pressing need for a careers interview they should refer themselves for an urgent interview through their form tutor to Mrs Grey or Mrs Bibby.


Free school meals

You can claim free school meals for each child who attends school in Cheshire East if you receive one of these benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Income related Employment Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit - as long as you have a yearly household income of less than £16,190 (as assessed   by HM Revenue and Customs) and do not get working Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit run-on (paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit)
  • Universal Credit with no earned income or with net monthly earnings less than £616.67

Phone 0300 123 5012 for further information and help or you can apply online at


Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s (CWP) nationally recognised Child and Adolescent Mental Health website ‘MyMind’ has been refreshed and relaunched in time for this year’s World Mental Health Day.

MyMind is a dedicated website for young people across Cheshire and Wirral experiencing mental health difficulties. With support from local young people from our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), MyMind has now been given a modern makeover!

MyMind provides advice and guidance around the key topics identified as most important to young people and their families: how to cope with mental health challenges, how to get help and what to do in a crisis.

The site includes a host of interactive self-help resources for young people, parents/carers and anyone who works with young people around the topics of Mood, Lifestyle and Relationships, as well as details on local mental health services in your area.


Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 14th November 2019 from 5.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

We would like to remind you and your son/daughter that we will be holding our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 14th November 2019 from 5.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. This event will enable you to find out what our successful Sixth Form offers students. 

Open Evening will not only provide information about the examination and university or employment success achieved by our students, but will give your son/daughter the chance to find out how very different life as a Sixth Form student is from that of a main school student. You will be able to talk to staff and Sixth Form students about the wide range of subjects on offer and the content of these courses at Key Stage 5. The study of even familiar subjects can be quite different at A’ level and BTEC. It is important that prospective students fully understand the more adult environment and teaching approaches undertaken by our expert teaching staff.  There will also be information available on the range of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities and the careers guidance our Sixth Form students enjoy.

Applications for Entry forms are included in the prospectus folder available on the night and our subject information for 2020 entry is on our website as follows:   

I do hope that we will see you and your son/daughter at the evening but if you have any questions regarding Sixth Form entry in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact Mr R Hardman, Director of Sixth Form.


Performing Arts - Full School Production

'Sister Act' the Musical.

This November our students will be performing the musical extravaganza Sister Act. With 200 students involved in acting and singing, design, technical and costume. This will be an exciting and collaborative team effort.  Rehearsals have been full of energy and all our young people have met the heavy rehearsal schedule with enthusiasm and commitment. The music is dynamic and the dancing uplifting.

Tickets will be available during the first week back after half term in November.

When lively lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is relocated for her protection. Set up in the guise of a nun, Deloris proceeds to upend the quiet lives of the resident sisters. In an effort to keep her out of trouble, they assign Deloris to the convent's choir, an ensemble that she soon turns into a vibrant and soulful act that gains widespread attention.


Proud letters (TOP SECRET)

Further to the message we gave out at Information evening; all students will receive a ‘proud letter’, We are asking you to write a letter to your child telling them how proud you are of their hard work during their time at Poynton High School. Please remember to bring along your ‘proud letters’ to the 6th form Open Evening on 14th November.  There will be a box marked ‘Parental Letters from Year 11 Information Evening’ to place them in.

Or attach them in an email to: (Mrs Dempsey) (Mrs Handby)

Deadline = Friday 15th November

Last year this was hugely successful and had a huge impact on our students.

Thank you for all of your hard work year 11 and well done on such a brilliant half term. Have a lovely and restful holiday and we will look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 4th November.

Please contact us if there are any issues or if you have any questions at all.

Thank you for your continued support.


Rhian Dempsey (                                            

Director of Learning to key stage 4


A Handby ( )

Welfare Leader to key stage 4