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September 2018

Poynton High School - Parent and Carer Bulletin

Welcome to the first bulletin of key information for students in year 11.  In this bulletin you will find key dates, details of extra sessions available to your child and also information from specific subjects about how you can help your child further.

Important upcoming dates:

  • PiXL Assessment week – 22nd-26th October
  • Thursday 15th November. 5.30- 8.30. Sixth Form Open Evening. All of the students in the year group have received a personal invitation to this event. It is a great opportunity to consider the subjects and courses available in years 12 and 13 and a chance to inform decisions about life after year 11.
  • Thursday 8th November. Progress grades will be issued to your child at the end of the school day. These will show an overview of their current performance in each subject.
  • Wednesday 22nd November. Year 11 Parents Evening. 4 – 7pm. Students will be tasked with making appointments with their teachers in the two weeks before this date. If you have any concerns over attending please email either Mrs Handby or Mrs Kennedy (contact details at end of bulletin).


Information from subjects and departments:

  • English

Year 11 students are currently completing revision to prepare for two mock exams for their Language GCSE, which will be taken just before half term.

After half term, Year 11 will be moving on to complete the final cluster of poems from their anthologies. There are some fantastic revision guides to support with their revision of these poems found here:


All pupils have both a GCSE English Language and a GCSE English Literature homework set on Doddle to support their studies. These will form the basis of their revision over the two year course and should be kept neatly.

To support their Literature GCSE students should be starting to re-read their texts, which are An Inspector Calls, Macbeth, and the previous 10 poems from the AQA Anthology. In addition, pupils could begin pre-reading of Jekyll & Hyde.


  • Maths

All students who ordered a revision guide have now received this to help with their revision. Any student who has not yet ordered a revision guide will be given the opportunity to do so in the coming weeks; more information about this will come out to parents.

 All of year 11 are now being set a revision homework along with their other doddle and written homeworks. This will be set on a week 2 Friday and the students will have a fortnight to complete it before they are set the next homework. These homework’s are based on using the revision guide which the majority of students have purchased however it is expected that all students will complete this homework through the use of pixl and doddle if they do not have the guide. The students will be given starter activities based on the homework in the subsequent lessons following to check their understanding of the topic.

Year 11 will be sitting their first full set of mock papers in the week before October half term. Students will be given all 3 papers under exam conditions and these will be marked and the data uploaded to pixl. The students will be able to see strengths and weaknesses on pixl in more detail after this is completed. This should inform their continued revision.

 All students should be aiming to achieve a minimum of 20 points on the pixl maths app before October half term- especially as they have their mock before then!

Please continue to support the students to complete all their homework and classwork to the best of their ability and to engage fully with each lesson.


  • GCSE Science


GCSE Double Science

GCSE Triple Science



AQA Combined Science: Trilogy (8464)

 AQA Biology (8461)

AQA  Chemistry (8462)

AQA  Physics (8463)




Mock exams

In additon to topic tests throughout the year, Y11 Science students will sit 2 mock exams this academic year:

  • Mock 1 in December: Will assess Paper 1 content (all work covered in Y9 and Y10)
  • Mock 2 in March: Will assess Paper 2 contnet (all work covered at the end of Y10 and all of Y11)


How can I help my child with their Science?


  • We recommend all students purchase a revision guide
  • We also recommend students purchase a subscription to My GCSE Science.
  • All parents/carers should have received an email with more information regarding boith these items.
  • All payments must be made via ParentPay by Tueday 25th September
  • Summary of prices below:



Revision guide price

My GCSE Sci price

Y11 double


£5.50 (1yr subscription)

Y11 triple


£10.50 (1yr subscription)



  • All students will be set a revision task through Doddle every fortnight called Science Six. This will be set every week one Monday and will help them to recap Y9 and Y10 work in preparation for the December mock exams.
  • Please encourage them to complete this. Doddle can be found at and all students have individual logins.
  • Encourage your child to regularly use the Science GCSE bitesize revision website


  • Product Design

Students were asked over the summer to complete a range of researching tasks for their NEA (coursework) which is worth 50% of their final GCSE grade. Students have been asked to review this work against the assessment criteria in their booklets/folders and so we have re-set this on Doddle to be completed by Wednesday 18th September.

The deadlines will be very regular this year so students must keep up with their course work. For this reason we have an extra session after school every Thursday, starting this week, for any student who needs that extra teacher support to complete their work. Students can also use room 53 (Our team PC room) to catch-up on any missed work. Thank you for your continued support with our Product Design students, I am sure we will be celebrating next summer!


  • Creative IMedia

KS4 Creative IMedia drop in sessions on a Wednesday from 3.15 till 4.30pm in room 36.

These sessions will be staffed by IT teachers and aimed at providing opportunities for Y11 students to improve their project work.  It is recommended that all Creative IMedia students attend a minimum of 3 sessions per half term.


  • Religious Studies


Our Year 11 students did amazingly well in GCSE RS in the summer, with 82% of students achieving grades 9-4.   We hope that our Year 10 students can top these results!


In terms of content overview, students will take two exams at the end of Year 11. See below a summary of the specification and the assessment criteria.

Component 1: The study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices

What's assessed

Beliefs, teachings and practices of:



How it's assessed

Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes

96 marks, plus 6 marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG)

50% of GCSE


Each religion has a common structure of two five-part questions of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 12 marks.

Each religion is marked out of 48.

Component 2: Thematic studies

What's assessed

Four religious and ethical studies themes are studied:

Relationships and families

Religion and life

Religion, peace and conflict

Religion, crime and punishment

Religion, human rights and social justice

How it's assessed

Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes

96 marks, plus 3 marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG)

50% of GCSE


Each theme has a common structure of one five-part question of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 12 marks.

Each theme is marked out of 24.






Year 10



Year 11


Autumn 1


Christianity: Key beliefs, Christ, Salvation



Buddhism:  The Dharma



Autumn 2



Themes: Crime and Punishment



Themes: Religion and Life



Spring 1



Christianity: Role of the church in the local and wider community



Buddhism: Worship and festivals and Buddhist Ethics



Spring 2



Themes: Relationships and Families



Themes: Peace and Conflict



Summer 1


Buddhism:  The Buddha and The Four Noble Truths




10 lessons



Summer 2



Themes: Human Rights and Social Justice



Staff will teach the GCSE in the following order.   Each topic lasts approx 6-7 weeks, with and end of unit assessment at the end of each.   Students will complete exam style questions in timed conditions and receive a GCSE grade.





  • GCSE Music

Mr Westen is running a Year 11 GCSE Music “Composition Clinic” in the music department every Thursday from 3:15 to 4:00. This is a good opportunity for students to work on their coursework individually or with a friend. 

Outside of the timetabled music lessons, students should be regularly working in the department on composition and performance at lunchtimes and/or after school to develop their skills in these units to achieve a good grade.  A good routine now is much better than leaving it too late. From January onwards, the department becomes very busy with key stage four and five students accessing the computers, studios and booking rooms to record their performances in. 

Students also have the opportunity to book the music staff after school for one to one sessions on both composition and performance. See the relevant staff to make arrangements. 

Please contact Mr Western with any questions you may have.  


  • BTEC sport

Year 11 will be starting work toward unit 1 Fitness for sport and exercise.  They will sit the exam in January

The exam is worth 25% of the final mark.




Other important information:

  • We aim to send out a bulletin half termly so subject specific information can be varied as the year progresses.


  • We are planning to hold an assembly in which each student will receive a from yourselves.In this letter we are asking you to write about how you feel about their hard work and efforts and perseverance through this really tough year.We already have a large number of letters which have been either emailed to us or handed in to reception, so a huge thanks for those of you who have already done this.If a child does not have a letter, one will be created by a member of staff, though it is far more meaningful if these letters come from yourselves as a parent or carer.(This is not to be shared with the students as we want this to be a surprise).You can either place your letter in the box provided at the 6th form open evening OR email your letter to either Mrs Kennedy or Mrs Handby (addresses below).


  • Finally, we just want to say that Year 11 are really working hard proven through our new rewards system as over 2600 points have been recorded. We reward students under the guidelines of Inspire, Achieve and Celebrate through our house point system H1, H2, H3 & H4. Well done Year 11!

Thank you for the great partnership work you do with ourselves, we are aiming to be a really effective team around your child supporting them to achieve grades that they will be truly proud of in the summer.  If there is anything that you feel we should know, or any questions please email us.

Annie Kennedy (Director of Learning Years 10 & 11)

Anne Handby (Welfare Leader Years 10 & 11)