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Modern Foreign Languages

Director of Learning - Mrs G Ferrandon-Latch Email

Lead for Teaching and Learning – Mr S Farrell

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The department of Modern Foreign Languages is a lively and enthusiastic subject area which offers students of all abilities a wide range of opportunities. They can experience both the intellectual and personal enrichment that comes with learning new languages, and encountering the diverse cultures that they represent. Our department features well qualified and experienced staff, teaching French, German and Spanish up to A level.

The school has a strong tradition with foreign languages, regularly exchanging with partner schools in France, Germany and Spain. We are extremely proud of these exchanges which are amongst the longest partnerships in the country with the French exchange running for over 40 years and the German exchange for 38 years. Our students in Years 9-13 have the fantastic opportunity to spend a week with a family and in return their families welcome their partners to show them a slice of English life.

We also organise Key Stage 3 Language trips abroad and Sixth Form study trips to Berlin, Paris and Madrid. In addition, Poynton High School is an Erasmus+ school with links to eight other schools in the EU. We have also achieved the International School Award.

Director of Learning Mrs G Ferrandon-Latch

MFL teachers

(French - German - Spanish)

Mr S Farrell (Lead for Teaching and Learning) (F-S)
Mrs J Barker (F-G-S)
Mrs C Graves (F-G)
Mrs E McGuire (F-G)
Miss J Takhi (F-G)
Mr E Wilshaw (Maternity cover for Mrs Garcia-Marlor) (G-S)
Mrs N Cornwall (F-S)
Mrs L Turner (F-S)


Key Stage 3

In Year 7, students are allocated to two languages (French, German or Spanish) and they are taught in mixed ability groups for 3 lessons per fortnight of each language.

In Years 8 and 9, students continue with both languages to enable a wider choice at GCSE. They have 4 lessons of one of their languages and 3 of the other. Students are generally in mixed ability groups in German and Spanish and setted in their French lessons.

Students follow the Studio, Stimmt and Viva courses at Key Stage 3. We also use a variety of new technologies and interactive resources such as ActiveLearn or Memrise in our dedicated Language ICT suite to consolidate and enrich the students’ experience of the language.

Key Stage 4
Students are strongly encouraged to opt for French, German or Spanish at GCSE and may study one or two languages.

Year 11 students follow the AQA specification for the two year duration of Key Stage 4. They have completed a series of Controlled Assessment tasks and sit the remaining examination for the Listening and Reading at the end of Year 11 (which are tiered).

Currently in Year 10, students are also following the AQA syllabus. They undertake a number of internal assessment tests throughout the course in all 4 skills and, at the end of Year 11, will sit their formal examinations (which will be tiered Foundation or Higher). Students study from the Studio, Stimmt and Viva courses at Key Stage 4.  We also use a selection of resources to enable students to achieve the best grades.


Key Stage 5
Students have the opportunity to study French, German or Spanish to AS or A level, following the AQA syllabus. We use a range of up-to-date and authentic resources as well as following the AQA textbook published by Hodder Education.

A level in MFL helps students develop confident, effective communication skills and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries where the target language is spoken. The course develops an interest in, and enthusiasm for, language learning and encourages students to consider the language in a broader context.

There is a longstanding record of excellent success at AS and A level which enables students to further their studies at university. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers in each language. Two teachers divide the syllabus up into their specialist areas.