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Poynton High School

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Director of Learning - Miss S O'Loughlin Email

The Humanities Team includes many different curriculum subject areas.  We are dedicated to the promotion, enjoyment and excellence of our subjects through exciting and enthusiastic teaching. 

 At Key Stage 3 students receive eight hours of Humanities lessons every timetable cycle involving the individual study of History, Geography and Religious Education.  We pride ourselves on creative teaching which appeals to all types of learners. 

At Key Stage 4 students can opt to study History and Geography to GCSE level.  At this stage the majority of pupils choose to maintain their Humanities education. In addition students must study for a GCSE in Religious Studies.
Our results are excellent and we aim to maximise the potential of all our students. 

At Key Stage 5 students can opt to study History, Geography, Religious Studies and Sociology to A Level (two year course).  The numbers opting for these subjects are very high.

Many students choose to continue their academic studies in Humanities subjects onto Further/ Higher Education.

Head of Department - Mrs  C Crossan

Poynton High School Geography Department is staffed by an enthusiastic, specialist Curriculum team.  We aim to enrich and enthuse students about the world around us.

At Key Stage 3 we teach a variety of topics, from a local study of Poynton to the global issues of deforestation, globalisation and tourism.
We use a variety of teaching and learning styles including ‘creatives’, ICT, trips and role plays.

At GCSE we follow the AQA'A' syllabus.   Over the two years students will learn about both human and physical aspects of Geography.

At A Level the AQA specification is followed.
The course is divided into Human and Physical Geography.  Map skills and field work will also be a feature of this course.

Remember that ‘Geography is everywhere!'

The Geography Department
Head of Department Mrs C Crossan
Teachers of Geography Mr G Locke
Mrs H Donald
Mrs C Hardman
Miss C Holyland
Miss E Keaveney


Head of Department - Mrs C Hall

The History Department is staffed by specialist teachers who love their subject. 

In 2010 an Ofsted subject inspection of History in our school awarded us an "outstanding" judgement.

At Key Stage 3 students are taught along a thematic basis.  In Year 7 they study ‘Living and Believing’ (1000AD to 1900), In Year 8 ‘Power and Protest’ (1000AD- 1900) and in Year 9 ‘Conflict’ from 1750-2000.  All our students enjoy the mix of teaching styles.  We endeavour to make good use of role play, ICT and audio-visual material in order to make the subject accessible to all.

At Key Stage 4 we teach Edexcel SHP History following a course of study on the American West, Medicine through Time and Nazi Germany.

At A Level we study the AQA specification. Students all study Tudor History. They complement this course by opting to study Russian History or German History.

The History Department
Head of Department

Mrs C Hall

Teachers of History Mr M Dean
Mrs L Grey
Mrs L Hicketts
Miss S O'Loughlin


Sociology (Key Stage 5)
Head of Department - Miss S O'Loughlin

Sociology is offered to students at A Level.  It is taught by specialist members of staff who enthuse about their subject.  Students follow the AQA Specification.  They study ‘Families’ and ‘Education' in Year 12. In Year 13 they study 'The impact of the media' and 'Crime and Deviance'.  Throughout the course they study Sociological methods.

Students enjoy the mix of teaching styles from discussion and debate to presentations and use of visual material.

The Sociology Department
Head of Department Miss S O'Loughlin
Teachers of Sociology Mr A Bennett
Mr S Keifer