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Business and Computing

Director of Learning - Mr L Bemowski email

The Business and Computing faculty is a highly successful and well developed Team within Poynton High School.
We have a balanced team of professionals with excellent subject knowledge and skills which are used on a regular basis to enhance the learning of students within the Team.

Computing, Head of Department - Mr D O'Connor

Poynton High School Computing Department is a dynamic and successful curriculum area.  Computing is taught across all Key Stages and students are offered numerous opportunities to develop their computing capability.

In Years 7 and 9 students receive one dedicated Computing lesson per week. They are introduced to new software and apply their skills to solve problems and communicate information.  There are some exciting opportunities available to students at Poynton in the field of Computing.  The core of computing is Computer Science, in which pupils will be taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to work through programming. They will also have the opportunity to experience both visual and text based programming languages and develop their capability in a wide range of applications including: Wordprocessing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, web authoring, gaming, graphics and a variety of multimedia applications.

At Key Stage 3 Computer clubs offer the students opportunities to use the machines after school.  The students that attend these clubs experience a variety of different tasks using different applications. A number of clubs run including Minecraft, Coding, Animation & Scratch club.

At Key Stage 4 we offer GCSE Computer Science and GCSE ICT.  Both these courses build on the skills and knowledge they have developed during Key Stage 3 and allow students to follow very different pathways.

GCSE Computer Sciences follows the OCR Course. Computer Science encourages mental versatility where students use their new found programming skills on an Independent Coding project. There is emphasis on Computational thinking and Cyber Security.

GCSE ICT focuses on key skills for the Digital World we live and work in. Assessment is in the form of an examination on areas such as Connectivity Operating Online, Personal Digital Device Online Communities and Legal Issues including Cyber Security. A major Controlled Assessment tests a students ability to apply developing skills and knowledge to a real problem.

At Key Stage 5 we offer A Level (AQA) ICT and (OCR) Computer Science.

In Computer Science there is a real focus on programming, building on our GCSE course. There is an expanded Maths Focus and Computational Thinking at its core.

ICT builds on skills and knowledge from Key Stage 4. The course offers opportunities for practical work in a wide range of software. It is aimed at students who wish to progress to Higher Education or the world of work where knowledge and understanding of ICT will be a valuable asset.

The Computing Department

Head of Department

Mr D O'Connor

Teachers of Computing

Mrs D Bemowski

Mr G Huteson

Mrs H Williams

Mr L Bemowski

Miss V Ibbetson

Business Studies, Head of Department - Mrs H Williams

The Business Studies department at Poynton offers a wide range of courses at Key Stages 4 and 5.

At Key Stage 4 we offer GCSE Business Studies and BTEC Business.  GCSE Business Studies offering a more traditional approach compared to the vocational approach of the BTEC course. These subjects attract a range of students in increasing numbers. The GCSE course is examined through an exam, worth 75%, and one piece of controlled assessment, worth 25%. The exam board is WJEC. The BTEC course has an exam worth 25% and a variety of assignments that make up the other 75%.

At Key Stage 5 students can choose to follow courses in Business, Economics and Travel and Tourism. These subjects are very popular within the 6th Form.

The Business A Level is the new linear A Level specification from AQA. The Economics A Level is the new linear A Level from WJEC. Both these courses are 100% examination. The Travel and Tourism A Level is still examined through AS and A2 examinations with each year consisting of 2 assignments (worth 66%) and one exam (worth 33%).

Each subject offers particular challenges and skills which are useful both for entry into the world of work, and for University entry.  At A level a combination of subjects may be taken from the three subjects we offer.  Many of our students go on to take business related subjects at University.

We also offer the students the opportunity to reinforce their learning with extra-curricular activities and event.  Visits to London and the Bank of England, Cadburys World and Alton Towers are annual events.  We also encourage the students to get involved in competitions and Business Conferences.

The department is heavily involved with Career Ready.  Business and Computing students apply to join this very exciting and challenging course.  It opens up a wide range of opportunities, support and experiences.  Students who are successfully selected to join the Career Ready benefit from Guru Lectures, Business visits, Internship and a Business Mentor.

The Business Studies Department

Head of Department

Mrs H Williams

Teachers of Business Studies

Mr G Huteson

Miss H Hatchell

Mr L Bemowski