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National Funding Formula

Thank you for visiting our web page dedicated to the National Funding Formula and how it will affect our school, and all schools across our region.  If you have not yet received the letter from our Head Teacher and Chair of Governors please click the following link for a copy. 


In December 2016 the Department for Education (DfE) launched a consultation with regard to the future method for funding all schools across England.  For many years now it has been widely acknowledged that the way schools are funded is unfair and is described by the DfE themselves as a “postcode lottery”.  The level of funding a school receives has been entirely dependent on geography and not on the needs of students nor the costs of running a school in their particular location.

We believe that the new formula is deeply flawed and it will reduce the funding going to schools in Cheshire East and surrounding areas worsening the already difficult financial position.  Cheshire East will become the worst funded authority in the country.  We are hoping that parents and the wider community will support us in campaigning against this proposal.

The National Funding Formula (NFF) consultation information can be found by following this link (

How to find out more

The following documents can be accessed from the links below:

As you can imagine, the funding of our nation’s schools is not a simple process and the DfE publications are very detailed consultation documents.  In order to support your understanding of this, we have produced a Parent & Carer Guide to “…if Poynton High School were to be geographically located elsewhere”.  You can access this from the link below:

Recent Media Coverage

There has been a range of media coverage regarding the NFF and the “school funding crisis” over the last few weeks.  You may wish to read more about this by following the following links:

What can you do?

There are three main things that we hope you will do to support us to address this issue.

Firstly, write to your local MP:

Mr David Rutley MP is very supportive of our cause and is making representations at the highest levels of government to ensure that this injustice is eradicated.  It would be very useful if you could write to your MP to thank them for their support and to outline your concerns regarding NFF and School Funding in light of the information you have received. We hope that the examples in the documents here will be useful for your letter.

Secondly, support the campaign as it develops through social media.  Please follow our Head Teacher, David Waugh, on twitter (   In addition, if you have any particular queries or proposals for how to build support for change please do not hesitate to email our Head Teacher directly (

Thirdly, respond to the formal DfE consultation on the National Funding Formula.  In order to respond to the consultation, you will need to submit an on-line response.  A link to this can be found here (

The consultation is open until the 22nd March 2017 and we will be putting up more information on this web page regarding the detail you may wish to consider including in your formal consultation response in due course.  You will be alerted to updates to this page via twitter and SimsInTouch messaging. 

As questions come in from parents we will also establish a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to this web page in order to share the information with all members of our learning community.


Like most schools, we welcome the government’s commitment to introducing a fair, transparent funding formula for all schools across the country.  However, we believe that there is a significant problem with the weighting of the funding formula proposed which will seriously disadvantage our students.

The government’s own calculations indicate that Poynton High School, by April 2019, will face an annual cut of £110,000.  This is in addition to the 9.2% real terms reduction in funding as a result of changes to National Insurance contributions, Employer Pension Contributions and the Apprenticeship Levy. 

Overall, this adds up to around £860,000 income reduction for Poynton High School in real terms in 2019 compared to 2014.

The fundamental nature of education is at risk and as quoted in the recent Macclesfield Express article “…the funding challenge that we all speak of is not rhetoric or sensationalist, we are facing real terms and significant cuts in our budgets.  We are being forced into considering every cost base and I have every sympathy with those head teachers who are considering the four-day week concept.  It is not something that I am considering but I do have to balance my budget and therefore, unless something is done up either giving us a fairer financial settlement or decreasing our additional costs – or both – the nature of education in all of our schools will change significantly” (Mr David Waugh, Head Teacher.  Macclesfield Express, 25th January 2017)