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Poynton High School

and Performing Arts College

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School Closed - Tuesday 18th July

PHS Update

My most sincere apologies for having to close our school today (Tuesday 18th July 2017).  Upon arriving at school this morning we discovered that the site had been affected by a significant power cut at approximately 7 am.  This has affected our ability to function safely.  For example, it has affected amongst other things our hot water systems which in turn affects toileting functions and catering.  In other words, no ability for students to wash their hands after visiting the toilet, or for the kitchens to cook food or prepare cold food. 

The decision to close was made as quickly as possible after gathering all of the information.  It is not a decision I take likely and always work on the basis of staying open unless it is not safe to do so. 

The power cut also affected our communication systems which were further confounded by the time of the day in that staff were in transit between home and school.  The message to close was communicated as swiftly as was possible and within 40 minutes of the power cut “hitting” the school. 

Again, my most sincere apologies for the disruption this decision causes and confusion that would have resulted from the communicated message. 

I fully expect that we will be open as normal tomorrow.  The Duke of Edinburgh trip will continue to go ahead regardless as this is not affected by the position we are in.  Further updates to be posted during the day.

David Waugh

Head Teacher